best prison of elders weapons

Best House of Judgment/Prison of Elders Primary Weapons


  • The¬†listed perks are in the order that I (Mercules904)¬†would personally take them in each column.
  • All Times-to-Kill are assuming Guardian has 200hp.
  • Pros and Cons are determined by comparing weapons within the same class, not by all weapons in general.


Scout Rifles


Hand of Judgment – Available from the House of Judgement Reputation Packages.

  • Pros – High Range. Above average Aim Assist.
  • Cons – Very low Stability. Average Reload Speed. Average Mag Size.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.80s (3 crit shots)
  • Rate of Fire: 27
  • Impact: 61 (73 damage per crit shot, 49 per body shot)
  • Range: 76
  • Stability: 24
  • Reload Speed: 62
  • Mag Size: 15
  • Aim Assist: 50

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES, Red Dot-ORS1, TrueSight IS
  • Column 2 – Hand-Laid Stock, Perfect Balance, Injection Mold, Braced Frame, Smallbore
  • Column 3 – Explosive Rounds/High Caliber Rounds, Lightweight, Snapshot
  • Column 4 – Zen Moment/Hidden Hand, Crowd Control, Third Eye, Eye of the Storm, Life Support, Firefly, Triple Tap, Icarus, Outlaw

One of the most elusive weapons in the game, but once you have one drop, it’s very easy to get a great roll out of it. Any of the sights in the second node of the first column are usable, and although I personally like the reticles on the ORS1 and ORES, the OAS has a great view and adds Aim Assist. TrueSight is a little cluttered for me, but also adds Aim Assist and works great at close range, so it’s a decent trade-off. In the second column, you really, really want Hand-laid Stock. It gives a great boost to Stability, which this gun sorely needs, at the cost of Range, which this gun has in spades.

You can do alright with Perfect Balance or Injection Mold, but I would only recommend Braced Frame if you have a perk like Triple Tap or Outlaw in the last column. In column 3, none of the choices are amazing, but HCR and Explosive Rounds will both help you with flinching the enemy, and that’s always a great advantage to have. In the last column we have an absolute plethora of options, but I think the top ones here are going to be Zen Moment, to help again with Stability, or Hidden Hand, for the obvious boost to AA. Third Eye is also nice, and Crown Control can make it into a 2 crit 1 body kill. All the other perks listed are also useful, so don’t be upset if you get any of them.


Pulse Rifles


Aegis of the Reef – Available from the House of Judgement Reputation Packages.

  • Pros – High Stability and Reload Speed. Above average Aim Assist.
  • Cons – Below average Range. Very low Mag Size.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.83s (2.66 bursts bursts. 8 crits)
  • Rate of Fire: 73
  • Impact: 7 (25 damage per crit shot, 17 damage per body shot)
  • Range: 33
  • Stability: 68
  • Reload Speed: 78
  • Mag Size: 24
  • Aim Assist: 65

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – Red Dot-OAS/SureShot IS, Red Dot-ORES
  • Column 2 – Perfect Balance, Hammer Forged, Send It
  • Column 3 – High Caliber Rounds, Full Auto
  • Column 4 – Rangefinder/Hidden Hand, Counterbalance, Headseeker, Third Eye, Life Support, Glass Half Full, Unflinching

Another relatively rare gun that almost always comes with a decent roll, the Aegis of the Reef is a Pulse Rifle from the Hawksaw/PDX-45 archetype. It boosts the highest base Range stat of the three, while still maintaining good Stability and Aim Assist. Red Dot-OAS and SureShot both boost Aim Assist, and I’m just personally a fan of the ORES scope, so those are my recommendations for column 1.

In column 2, I really recommend Perfect Balance, because without it you won’t have many other good options to decrease the vertical recoil, at least without incurring a penalty to Range. In column 3, I’m a huge fan of how useful HCR rounds are, but I know a ton of people like to use Full Auto. In the last column there are a lot of good options, but the two that stand out to me the most are Hidden Hand and Rangefinder. Counterbalance will make the recoil all vertical, Headseeker makes the gun more forgiving, and the other perks are decent enough to be passable.


Auto Rifles


Soulstealer’s Claw – Available from House of Judgment Reputation Packages.

  • Pros – High Mag Size and Aim Assist.
  • Cons – Average Range and Reload Speed. Below average Stability.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.80s (12 crit shots and 1 body shot)
  • Rate of Fire: 100
  • Impact: 2 (16 damage per crit shot, 13 per body shot)
  • Range: 24
  • Stability: 37
  • Reload Speed: 66
  • Mag Size: 66
  • Aim Assist: 80

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES
  • Column 2 – Perfect Balance, Smallbore, Hand-laid Stock
  • Column 3 – Lightweight, Single Point Sling, Quickdraw, Snapshot
  • Column 4 – Counterbalance, Persistence, Rangefinder, Hidden Hand

Perhaps the most sought after of the HoJ rank-up packages, Soulstealer’s Claw is the same highly competitive archetype as ARs like DoP and Arminius. Unfortunately, it can’t roll with Braced Frame, but the combination of Perfect Balance and Counterbalance is a decent substitute. In return, you’re awarded with a higher base Range than either of the other two, and a higher Aim Assist value than DoP.

For the sights, the only two options I would choose are Red Dot-OAS or the ORES, but those recommendations are more based on preference than anything else. Column 3’s perk do not matter, so be happy with whatever you get. If you can’t get Perfect Balance, Smallbore is a passable replacement, but the vertical recoil when combined with Counterbalance will be something to look out for.

Hand-laid Stock can also go into the second column, which will give you the Stability of Braced Frame, at the cost of your extra Range. If you don’t get Counterbalance, it’s not going to be a God Roll, but Persistence can help you stay on target after it activates, and Rangefinder and Hidden Hand are both solid perks as well.


Hand Cannons


Her Revenge – Available from the Prison of Elders.

  • Pros – Above average Mag Size.
  • Cons – Average Range, Stability, and Aim Assist. Low Reload Speed.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.86s (1 crit shot and 2 body shots)
  • Rate of Fire: 22
  • Impact: 87 (86 damage per crit shot, 57 damage per body shot)
  • Range: 27
  • Stability: 39
  • Reload Speed: 29
  • Mag Size: 10
  • Aim Assist: 75

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Column 2 – Rangefinder, Hot Swap
  • Column 3 – Rifled Barrel, Reinforced Barrel, Hammer Forged, Hand Loaded
  • Column 4 – Hidden Hand/Icarus, Luck in the Chamber, Third Eye, Life Support, Grenadier, Army of One

Not the best gun in its respective weapon archetype, it benefits from the standard God Roll of most Year 2 HCs, which is an AA increasing sight in SureShot or TrueSight, a combination of Rangefinder and Rifled or Reinforced Barrel, and then either Hidden Hand or Icarus in the final column.

Hot Swap can be passable in column 2 instead of Rangefinder, at least for close Range, but you notice the difference in longer distance engagements. Hammer Forged and Hand Loaded are weaker alternatives to Rifled and Reinforced, so you won’t be pushing the boundaries, but they’re better than nothing. Luck in the Chamber is great for those lucky 2 crit kills, and Third Eye is always helpful in PvP.