best prison of elders weapons

Best House of Judgment/Prison of Elders Primary Weapons

Note: The listed perks are in the order that I (Mercules904) would personally take them in each column. All Times-to-Kill are assuming Guardian has 200hp. Pros and Cons are determined by comparing weapons within the same class, not by all weapons in general. [divider] Scout Rifles High-Impact Hand of Judgment РAvailable from the House of Judgement Reputation Packages. Pros РHigh Range. Above average Aim Assist. Cons РVery low Stability. Average Reload Speed. Average Mag Size. Time-to-Kill: 0.80s (3 crit shots) Rate of Fire: 27 Impact: 61 (73 damage per crit shot, 49 per body shot) Range: 76 Stability: 24