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Armsday Roll Recommendations

Click here for roll recommendations for the Gunsmith’s primary weapons.


#2 – SUROS DIS-47

  1. Hammer Forged / Oiled Frame – Hip Fire – SPS / Rifled Barrel
  2. Fitted Stock / Casket Mag – LiTC – SPS / Hand Laid Stock
  3. Fitted Stock / Oiled Frame – Hip Fire – Lightweight / Hand Laid Stock

This is just an okay roll, so wait out if you’re waiting for an S-tier roll. Hand-Laid Stock and Fitted Stock will pretty much max out stability, making your life much simpler in PvE and even in PvP. Luck in the Chamber is a great perk simply because it represents a DPS increase. Overall a decent roll, and if you’re hurting for a new Scout Rifle, go ahead and pick it up.

#3 – Thesan FR4

  1. Replenish – Lightweight / Oiled Frame – Rangefinder / Danger Close
  2. Hot Swap – Light Weight / Braced Frame – Life Support / Danger Close
  3. Hot Swap – Quickdraw / Hand-Laid Stock – Rangefinder / Danger Close

This is one of the best rolls we could ask for. Hot Swap and Rangefinder increase this Fusion Rifle’s range and aim assistance to some of the highest levels possible, and Quickdraw allows you better handling and weapon swap times to make quick decisions in PvP. Why no Hand-Laid Stock? Considering the Thesan already has amazing stability, we’d rather maintain some of the range and go for Quickdraw.

None – SUROS JLB-47

  1. Heavy Payload/Speed Reload – Surplus – Perfect Balance/Snapshot
  2. Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell – Vacuum – Javelin/Snapshot
  3. Single Point Sling/Speed Reload – Surplus – Javelin/Quickdraw

No Grenades and Horseshoes, No Tracking and a guest appearance by Vacuum, one of the worst perks that exists in Destiny. Not a good week for the JLB-47. Wait until another week and look out for Grenades and Horseshoes or Tracking. It’s pretty simple, but so are the perk pools for Rocket Launchers.

#1 – SUROS JLB-42

  • Flared Magwell, Grenades and Horseshoes, Quickdraw

This roll has Grenades and Horseshoes. Need we say more? On a serious note, Quickdraw and Flared Magwell are small bonuses compared to the proximity detonation, so go ahead and pick this one up if you still don’t have a Rocket Launcher with this perk.

#3 – Judith-D

  1. Last Resort – Rangefinder – Snapshot / HCR / Smallbore
  2. Last Resort – Outlaw – Speed Reload / APR / Reinforced Barrel
  3. Army of One – Rangefinder – Snapshot / APR / Oiled Frame

This is a great roll for the Judith-D that checks a lot of boxes on our wishlist. With Rangefinder and the Sureshot IS, you’ll have tons of range and aim assistance to help you in PvP. Army of One can help in PvP a little bit, but it brings more PvE viability to the table, allowing you to burn down groups of enemies to reset your cooldowns. Snapshot’s handling bonus makes things even crisper in PvP, and Armor-Piercing Rounds are an option for anyone who wants them in PvE.


Notable Rolls

by Jonathan V.

#2 – Cocytus SR4: Roll 2  

  • Triple Tap – Quickdraw/Hand-Laid Stock – Third Eye/Exhumed  

This roll came out pretty okay. If you’re just looking to try out a new roll or really need a decent Scout Rifle, this will work out great. If you want a perfect PVP roll, this isn’t it.  

#3 – Eirene RR4

  • Luck in the Chamber – High Caliber Rounds / Casket Mag – Unflinching / Eye of the Storm  

This is a pretty okay DPS weapon for PVE, although I think Triple Tap and either Replenish or Clown Cartridge will serve you better. Grab it if you need a high Impact Sniper for boss-slaying and don’t want to wait it out.  

#1 or 2 – Uffern HC4

  • Luck in the Chamber – Extended Mag / Braced Frame – Life Support / Danger Close  
  • Army of One – Single Point Sling / Rifled Barrel – Icarus / Surrounded  

Rolls 1 and 3 are basically the same, but 1 comes with an Extended Mag option for PVE, making it a bit more versatile. Either way, you’ve got Luck in the Chamber, max Stability, and a tiny mag to make one lethal short range Hand Cannon. For something more generally useful, Roll 2 is your huckleberry, with a fantastic scope, Rifled Barrel, and Icarus all making you super accurate.  

#1 – SUROS DIS-43

  • Perfect Balance / Oiled Frame | Hip Fire | Snapshot / Rifled Barrel

Roll 1 is a really solid, easy to use PVE weapon. Great scope options, Perfect Balance, Hip Fire, and Snapshot make it adaptable to close and long range firefights. What else can I say?  

#2 – Suros ARI-41

  • Perfect Balance / Casket Mag – Speed Reload / Rifled Barrel – Unflinching

This is a fantastic roll on a mediocre archetype, but there’s a chance it will get better if Bungie does some tuning. SLO-19 is the best scope here, Perfect Balance gives you all the Stability you need, and Rifled Barrel bumps your Range out perfectly. Unflinching is a solid finish that will help you fight the flinch on all of the faster RoF weapons out there these days. All around a great roll!  

#1 or 3 – Tuonela SR4

  • Icarus – Lightweight / Hand-Laid Stock – Third Eye / Eye of the Storm  
  • Rescue Mag – Single Point Sling / Hand-laid Stock – Firefly / Underdog  

Some great options here this week, with choices for both ends of the spectrum. Roll 1 has perfect Stability, a little extra accuracy while in the air (it happens, and that perk slot generally sucks anyway), and your choice of Eyes at the end. If this is a PVE gun for you, I think you’ll be pleased to see Rescue Mag reloading your weapon even when stowed. More perfect Stability, plus Firefly, makes this a lot of fun.  

#3 – Aoife Rua-D

  • Take a Knee – Spray and Play – High Caliber Rounds / Quickdraw / Appended Magazine  

If you’re looking for an alternative PVP sniper, this is one to consider. The Scout scope has one of the lowest zooms in the game right now, and Quickdraw gives you very solid handling. Spray and Play is meh, but Take a Knee is underrated and about to get a major buff in Rise of Iron, if the info we’ve seen is accurate.  


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
Arminius-D Auto Rifle Lowest AA (80)
Tuonela SR4 Scout Rifle Medium Stability (69)
Lyudmila-D Pulse Rifle Highest Range (63)
Hakke Tamar-D Sniper Rifle Medium Reload (66)
Hakke Judith-D Hand Cannon Highest AA (60)


This Auto Rifle archetype has become extremely popular with the introduction of the Doctrine of Passing, but with this gun’s stat blend, we’ll need a lot of help from perks to be competitive. We’ll see next week if there are enough perks offered to shore up the stability while providing some use in either PvE or PvP.

Tuonela SR4

This Scout Rifle offers the Vision of Confluence impact/RoF blend with great base stability of 69 and reload of 62. With a lower magazine of 13, this scout should fit comfortably in Crucible situations and shorter PvE encounters, but reload perks can overcome this drawback.


With a solid roll, this gun can still do some work in PvP as a legendary primary. It has base range of 63 and stability of 54, so we’ll want to preserve the range while increasing stability to laser-like levels, and a reload perk like Feeding Frenzy would be icing on the cake. Counterbalance is going to be the key, as Hakke Pulse Rifles have an awkward recoil pattern that needs to be corrected for maximum accuracy.


The Tamar-D has equivalent Impact to the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. However, with a base stability of 36, you’ll best be aiming for headshots and not double-taps. If you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke snipers can roll with Surplus, which really helps with ammo scarcity in PvE. Hakke’s scopes are a bit different than the ones offered by the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters, so you may have to adapt to use this gun in high-stakes PvP.


Repeat! We’re looking at the highest impact class, similar to a Timur’s Lash. However, the gun will be coming in with base 17 stability, 26 reload speed and a clip size of 7, so there are a lot of deficiencies that perks will need to fix.