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Armsday Roll Recommendations

None – Arminius-D

  1. Last Resort, Glass Half Full, High Caliber Rounds/Fitted Stock/Smallbore
  2. Surrounded, Rangefinder, High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Smallbore
  3. Partial Refund, Glass Half Full, High Caliber Rounds/Hand Loaded/Smallbore

We still live in a world where Counterbalance is king, so you’ll want to wait out on this package until you see it. None of the rolls this week stand out otherwise, so just wait until we see Counterbalance combined with some range boosting perks.

None – SUROS PDX-45

  1. Perfect Balance/Feather Mag, Secret Round, Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  2. Fitted Stock/Appended Mag, Spray and Play, Snapshot/Smallbore
  3. Hammer Forged/Feather Mag, Secret Round, Snapshot/Hand-Laid Stock

The only middle perk of interest here is #2’s Spray and Play, but there are a few problems about the roll that make it a no-go. First of all, the PDX-45 already shines in reload speed, but more importantly, the gun desperately needs range that this roll can’t provide. Smallbore is okay, but it’s just not enough compared to what we could get in a future week. Keep Counterbalance on your wish list as always, but also make sure you get more range from a perk like Hammer Forged or Rifled Barrel.

#1 or 3 – SUROS JLB-47

  • Speed Reload, Grenades and Horseshoes, Lightweight
  • Heavy Payload, Grenades and Horseshoes, Snapshot

Both of these rolls work due to Grenades and Horseshoes, and the choice really comes down to whether you want a bit more blast radius from Heavy Payload or Lightweight’s agility increase to offset the speed penalty of carrying a Rocket Launcher. We’d really want Javelin in the mix as well, but we’ll take any roll with Grenades and Horseshoes due to the overall power of the perk.

#1 – Jingukogo-D

  1. Army of One, Rangefinder, Rifled Barrel
  2. Close and/or Personal, Rangefinder, Lightweight/Fitted Stock/Hand-Laid Stock
  3. Army of One, Spray and Play, Lightweight/Perfect Balance/Hand-Laid Stock

This is just about a perfect roll for the Jingukogo-D. Army of One helps in PvE for easy cooldown reduction, while Rangefinder and Rifled Barrel bring range to competitive PvP levels. While this medium impact archetype isn’t preferred in PvP, the range increases from these perks will give the gun as much viability as we can get out of it for any Crucible matters.

#1 – Eirene RR4

  • Triple Tap, Injection Mold, Mulligan

This is a decent PvE roll, which is just about as much as we can expect from the Omolon perk pools. Triple Tap and Mulligan will help your ammo efficiency, while Injection Mold is a great boost to handling. Overall, considering the high impact and ammo efficiency, this Eirene roll could hold its own in strikes and raids.


Notable Rolls

by Jonathan V.

#1 – Cocytus SR4

  • Life Support – Lightweight/Hand-Laid Stock – Grenadier/Danger Close

The lovely Torch scope + Hand-Laid Stock make this gun so much easier to use – an easy recommendation. Life Support is as good a choice as anything in that weak perk column, and while the final column misses the mark, Danger Close does give you warning when you’re walking into a 2v1, so it can be useful.

#2 – ARI-41

  • Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame – Speed Reload/Smallbore – Partial Refund

It doesn’t have the best scope selection, but near-perfect Stability and decent Range make this a great Assist Rifle – get it? Because of Partial Refund? Nevermind. Anyway, this is worth picking up if you like the mid Impact Auto Rifles, and especially if you’re still new to Armsday and want to pick up the easiest gun in the game to learn.

#3 – Uffern HC4

  • Army of One – Extended Mag/Rifled Barrel – Icarus/Exhumed

Roll 3 is the best we got this week, and Sureshot, Rifled Barrel, and Icarus are pretty solid. I’d prefer Reinforced Barrel because we have more Stability to spare than we do Reload Speed. And Army of One is junk in the Crucible, but not bad in PVE, where combining it with Extended Mag will make this a pretty rewarding Hand Cannon to use.

#3 – Judith-D

  • Crowd Control – Reactive Reload – Snapshot / Explosive Rounds / Smallbore

Wow! This is basically as reliable as this gun gets when it comes to creating opportunities for 2-shot kills. Crowd Control means every headshot after a kill clears 100 damage. Reactive Reload does the same thing, but allows you to extend the time you have to take advantage of it. Finally, Explosive Rounds turns those massive headshots into AoE effects that soften up multiple targets. Gorgeous roll!

#1 or 2 – DIS-47

  • Hammer Forged / Feather Mag – Luck In The Chamber – Snapshot / Injection Mold
  • Perfect Balance / Appended Magazine – Hip Fire – Snapshot / Reinforced Barrel

Two solid choices this week. First up, a dark horse candidate that can make this gun’s Time to Kill slightly more reliable. Feather Mag is a great combo with LitC, reducing your mag size and increasing Reload speed, but if you don’t want to sacrifice the Range, Hammer Forged has you covered. Luck in the Chamber means one of your headshots can be a body instead, and finally Injection Mold boosts both Stability and Handling at the expense of a bit of Range.  

Next up, a solid classical choice, SPO-28 for zoom and Aim Assist, Perfect Balance for easy recoil control, Hip Fire for those close up battles, and Snapshot to help you win close fights at mid Range. Stay away from Reinforced Barrel though – it’s not worth it here.

#2 – Suros ARI-45

  • SLO-19/Perfect Balance/Smallbore/Counterbalance


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS DIS-47 Scout Rifle Lowest AA (74)
Thesan FR4 Fusion Rifle High Stability (81)
SUROS JLB-42 Launcher n/a Velocity (67)
SUROS JLB-47 Launcher n/a Velocity (74)
Judith-D Hand Cannon Highest AA (60)


This gun gets a lot of love in the Destiny community for its ability to shoot so fast and roll with Full Auto. If you get a good roll on this gun, it can be a monster in both PvE and PvP. It also has good aim assistance, so it has huge potential in the Crucible, but we’ll be hoping for stability buffs to keep its quick shooting on target. We’d highly recommend ordering this gun, because if it rolls with Full Auto next week, you won’t want to miss out on it!


Here’s the winner – it’s a must-order this week! It comes in at 94 Impact and 81 Stability, so you won’t even need to worry about perks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that perks can’t help it; this gun can benefit from range perks, and reload speed is always key in Crucible and Strikes.


Another week of double rockets! As always, here are the standard rules for this situation: If you want the best chance at a roll, buy both packages! That way, you have six chances at something decent. If you want to pick one, buy the JLB-47. This one is basically the same as the JLB-42 but with a bit more velocity. This has always been a good Rocket Launcher, so we’d recommend picking up an order if you don’t already have a good one to rely on!


We’re going to be ordering this Hand Cannon based on the fact alone that Hakke Hand Cannons are hard to come by. As for the archetype here, we’re looking at the highest impact class, similar to a Timur’s Lash. However, the gun will be coming in with base 17 stability, 26 reload speed and a clip size of 7, so there are a lot of deficiencies that perks will need to fix.