Adept Exotics, Energy Armor, Sandbox Changes

All aboard the Dreadnaught, where glamorous guardians showed off some new fashion for another Bungie reveal stream. He was joined by Artist Ian McIntosh and Designer Josh Hamrick to talk about the raid armor, elemental primaries, and sandbox changes.

Primary Focus

Elemental raid primaries will be Adept Exotics, acquired from Weekly Challenge modes. The legendary Kinetic versions will still be obtainable through regular raiding.

Necrocasm will be receiving a buff. A cursed thrall explosion will now trigger on any kill, not precision kills. This should make the weapon feel much stronger than its year 1 counterpart.

Primaries won’t be the only weapons brought forward. Everything from Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will be making a return to max Light… with the exception of Black Hammer. Deemed too strong to return as a legendary, players will need to continue to use Black Spindle instead. This means we will be saying goodbye to the S-Tier combo of Fatebringer, Black Hammer, and Gjallarhorn.

All of these weapons will need to be re-earned. Old weapons cannot be Infused.

New Look

Along with updated primaries, we will also be sporting some new armor. All four raids in Age of Triumph will feature newly designed gear, some of which have new Ornamental effects.

Ornament Tokens can be obtained from completely the weekly challenge mode and can be applied to any of the new gear. If you complete Crota’s End but want to apply an ornament to your fresh new Vault Gear the same tokens can be used.

Raid armor will feature a brand new feature: Applying an ornament will cause the gear to emit a glow of energy. This glow will deactivate and be sucked into the armor when taking damage, and slowly replenish.

The new Vault of Glass gear was inspired by the concept of guardians forging armor from defeated Vex foes. Hunters and Warlocks will be missing a foot (Hunters) or two (Warlocks) that will be replaced with a robot leg.

Wrath of the Machine will be getting some new ornaments as well. This set has maybe the most complex animations of the new armor. SIVA will be breaking apart the armor and flowing off of our guardians.

There will be another set of gear set only available through the new Treasure of Ages loot boxes. Players can earn these boxes by completing weekly activities or purchasing them from. This will be the only Chroma gear set introduced in Age of Triumph, and the class item can be earned through the Speaker’s quest.


Sandbox, Sidearms, and Special Ammo

Bungie has listened to community feedback regarding the recent sandbox update. No major changes will be coming with Age of Triumph, but a few small tweaks were needed.

  • Hand Cannon range reduced about 3 meters.
  • Auto Rifle damage falloff range slightly extended.
  • Health regen for Voidwalkers, Hungering Blade, and Red Death buffed
  • Truth has an additional reserve rocket. Fastest reload speed.
  • NLB Now reacts to flinch like traditional snipers.
  • Skorri activates on kills when super is full, and runs for 1 minute. Deactivates between rounds.
  • Sidearms no longer stack ammo on death.

In addition to these changes, picking up special ammo boxes will now automatically reload your weapon, which should cut down on some Crucible frustration & prevent camping in Trials of Osiris.

It’s time to gear up! These changes, and Crota’s End Challenges, await us on March 28th