11 best vendor weapons

11 Weapons to Buy Before They’re Gone

With the April update right around the corner, you’ll want to get these before their perks change!


Vanguard Quartermaster

Roni 55-30 maintains a stock of select weapons for those proven among the Vanguard.

Not Like the Others

Recommended Use: PVE and PVP

MD-Reflex Crowd Control Explosive Rounds Reactive Reload
Reflex Feather Mag
OEG Malleus Malificarum

A crazy roll in terms of chaining damage output, this mid Rate of Fire Scout Rifle will cut through swathes of enemies of all types thanks to damage bonuses after every kill from Crowd Control, and when reloading after a kill from Reactive Reload. Boost your reload speed with Feather Mag to send your single target DPS sky-high or roll with Explosive Rounds for added flinch in PVP and devastating damage against servants of the Darkness. 

Crowd Control and Reactive Reload might be overkill, but with the reload speed boost of Feather Mag, it offers plenty of time to put those damage perks to use. the MD-REFLEX scope offers significantly improved handling, which can make all the difference in the Crucible.

1000-Yard Stare

Recommended Use: PVE

Wildhawk SLS20 Triple Tap Perfect Balance Mulligan
Longview SLR10 Reinforced Barrel
Tacsys SLS15 Hannibal

Solid ammo management, a great scope, and stability enhancement from Perfect Balance make this a good PVE sniper rifle for beginners. In fact, new players who want to become snipers but don’t yet have a PVP focused sniper roll could do worse than to take this gun into the Crucible. This is also the only high-impact (revive snipe capable) sniper available for purchase.


Crucible Quartermaster

The Crucible is a demanding place, and Arcite 99-40 assists Shaxx in arming Guardians to withstand it.

Last Extremity

Recommended Use: PVP

Spark IS6 Life Support Single Point Sling Third Eye
Torch HS2 Smallbore Exhumed
Signal MS5

High Impact scout rifles are extremely deadly in the right hands, and this one is no exception. Life Support triggers quite often, helping you get back into the fight after a close call, while Third Eye keeps you from being surprised by a Shotgun rush. Smallbore hurts, with such a small mag, but luckily Single Point Sling’s boost to weapon swapping and strafe speed while aiming down sights is worthwhile.

Havoc Pigeon

Recommended Use: PVP

Quickdraw IS Crowd Control Feeding Frenzy Hand Loaded
Steadyhand IS Quickdraw
Appended Magazine

Despite the stat bars, the Havoc Pigeon fires slower and hits harder than other Sidearms! It comes with a great set of perks, too – damage bonus, reload speed, extra range or quickdraw or even more ammo. The Hakke special weapon comes with a bonus intrinsic perk of improved muzzle velocity, making this gun the sidearm to have.

Ruin Wake

Recommended Use: PVP

Aggressive Ballistics Life Support Fitted Stock Hidden Hand
Linear Compensator Injection Mold
Field Choke Reinforced Barrel

Ruin Wake is a monster of a machine gun and this roll just makes it even more so. Given its slower rate of fire, Reinforced Barrel is a fantastic trade to make sure you land those headshots at range. Hidden Hand helps you stay on target, and Life Support should help you survive the heavy round so you can keep on steamrolling.


Dead Orbit

Dead Orbit only grudgingly maintains a presence in the Tower to arm and outfit their champions in the Crucible.

Hung Jury SR4

Recommended Use: PVE

Candle IS2 Triple Tap Extended Mag Firefly
Torch HS2 Hand-Laid Stock Underdog
Signal MS5

If you have somehow missed hearing about Hung Jury up until now, then you probably don’t read any Destiny forums. Anyway, this is a great PVE roll – stellar base stats, tons of ammo from Triple Tap (even more if you go with Extended Mag), near-perfect Stability from HLS, and exploding heads with Firefly. Get it before it’s gone!


Recommended Use: PVE and PVP

Soft Ballistics Crowd Control Rangefinder Single Point Sling
Accurized Ballistics Hand Loaded
Rifled Barrel

With a stupidly high effective range, high rate of fire, and Crowd Control, there’s no reason to ever leave this shotgun in your Vault. Enough said.


Future War Cult

The War Cult has always been an open secret in the Tower, arming and advising those who represent them in the Crucible.

The Villainy

Recommended Use: PVP

Red Dot-ORES Rangefinder Hand Loaded Third Eye
Focus Lens FLA5 Casket Mag
Truesight IS Smallbore

The Villainy makes up for its slightly slower time to kill with massive Range and Stability, allowing it to land headshots from anywhere on the map. With Third Eye to keep anyone from sneaking up on you, there’s nothing to say against it.

The Vertigo

Recommended Use: PVP

Warhead Verniers Single Point Sling Grenades & Horseshoes Javelin
Smart Drift Control Speed Reload Lightweight
Hard Launch

With base stats of  86 Blast Radius and 77 Velocity, the only other thing needed to make this Rocket Launcher amazing was proximity detonation – good thing that feature comes right in the box! Like many rocket launchers of this archetype, what it has in amazing stats it balances by only getting 2 rockets per Ammo brick, so this is really only useful in Elimination.


New Monarchy

The New Monarchy gathers adherents in the Tower, and arms them well for the Crucible.

Conviction II

Recommended Use: PVP

Fastdraw IS Reactive Reload Battle Runner Speed Reload
Sureshot IS High Caliber Rounds
Appended Magazine

Firing faster than the Havoc Pigeon while still doing enough damage to kill in 4 headshots, this is a solid choice for a Sidearm. Sureshot is a great scope, and Reactive Reload combos well with maximized reload speed to give you extra damage, but High Caliber Rounds can also fit in well with the insane rate of fire on this thing.

Objection IV

Recommended Use: PVP and PVE

Aggressive Ballistics Counterbalance Skip Rounds Persistence
Smart Drift Control Injection Mold
Field Choke Reinforced Barrel

Range, stability, accuracy…this machine has everything going for it, and nothing can stand in its way. Sustained! 


There you have it – these 11 are some of the best Vendor weapons from this chapter of Destiny! April 12th’s update will give us even more weapons to review, and there’s bound to be some great vendor rolls, so we’ll make another recommendation guide then.