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XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xur is located in the Hangar

xur exotics feb location

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Invective Yes 17
Legacy Primary Engram 30
Empyrean Bellicose Titan Yes 13
Crest of Alpha Lupi Hunter Maybe 13
Alchemist’s Raiment Warlock Maybe 13


Empyrean Bellicose493599296d61c6e22e175e4e67a38834

Titans get a taste of Angel of Light with this helm! In addition to floating, “Orbs collected while your Super is full will recharge your melee ability.” To hover in mid-air while firing a weapon is both a good and bad thing. It gives you unparalleled vision and an unobstructed FoV, but comes at the cost of protective cover.

As a PvE helmet, it’s not worth your time speaking generally, though it can provide moments of usefulness when your sight lines are obstructed or you’re being swarmed on the ground. Unlike the Sunsinger, Titans have no intrinsic perk to do this for them. Orbs refilling your Melee ability while your Super is full is a mixed bag at best, as it consumes Orbs that would otherwise be helpful again after you expend your Super.

Regardless, it has a little synergy with a Simmering Flames build, so the whole package gets a low-ish B tier. In PvP, this helmet has a high skill ceiling and pairs much better with Titan skating than AoL does with the Warlock’s puny glide. Try it out if you enjoy playing mind games or moving with unpredictability – of course, Twilight Garrison can do this too.


Crest of Alpha Lupi


As a class that shows off its support skills in all aspects of play, this exotic not only allows Nightstalkers to revive significantly faster, but drop an extra orb during Shadowshot, a difference which can often determine when a teammate gets their super.

If you don’t play 3v3 modes, or usually play by yourself in PvE, this isn’t the chest for you. Keeper of the Pack is medic-like and support orientated, so it’ll benefit your teammates more than it’ll benefit you specifically.


Alchemist’s Raiment


This one looks a lot cooler than it is, unfortunately. The intrinsic Iron to Gold talks of Glimmer galore from simply picking up ammo – but it’s Bungie wryly hanging a lampshade on the fact that the early practice of Alchemy never really bore any fruit whatsoever. Either that or a poorly-designed perk – and we’ve never had any of those…

The universal Special Ammo or Heavy Ammo can boost your Sniper/Sleeper Simulant reserves, which is a welcome boon. Aside from that you get instant Grenade/Melee recharge when you pick up an orb with your Super full, like Bellicose. The best use of this Exotic is on Sunsingers in Oryx HM, where you’ll be holding on to your Super for dear life, and orbs recharging your abilities are useful. It’s a top-tier Exotic in that specific situation.

The second best use of this Exotic is to check the boxes for a Transcendence proc, though you’ll be wasting orbs that you could quickly get after your Stormtrance. At least you have a shiny purple bullseye to give those other Guardians in PvP a chance.