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1.1.2 Patch Notes & More

Published on: Apr 14, 2015 @ 12:15

Before we get into the patch notes, check out DeeJ’s feedback topic on the Bungie forums!

He mentions that “transmogrification (cosmetic changes), private Crucible matches, and gun skins” are all on their radar, and the topic will be updated weekly.

destiny Transmogrification gun skins
We talked about each of these things in our recent “10 Simple Things Destiny Could Do Better” so it’s awesome to see it getting the attention it deserves.



Spotlight Improvements & Additions

Joel’s note:

The vault will see its size increase respectably, which will help lessen the strain on weapons, armor, and consumables prior to HoW. This is a welcome addition, though perhaps not a permanent fix. Unfortunately, handling consumables, shaders, and other miscellaneous items is still a bother. They all occupy the same General slots, which are always going to be in high demand.

Colorblind support is wonderful for the many Guardians who struggle with this handicap. Assuming it works as implemented, look for loot and shields to be very clearly distinguishable for the three named categories of colorblindness.

Similarly useful are the Audio Controls being patched in. Being able to control the volume for various aspects of the game will be a godsend for those without high-quality mics or tolerance of listening to Dinklebot talk. Toggling the music on and off will be nice for users without any mics, who need to hear their teammates talk through their speaker system, and for those simply looking to enjoy a quieter Destiny experience. It’d be a shame to leave it off for long though, with Destiny’s great soundtrack.

Item Lock will eliminate those unlucky scenarios where you accidentally and absentmindedly delete something important. Nice blues like The Stranger’s Rifle or a Shoot to Loot Scout will be safe from your single-minded OCD; this was a no-brainer on Bungie’s part.

  • Vault Capacity increased to 24 Armor Slots, 36 Weapon Slots, and 24 General Slots
  • Disabled gear comparison in Vault on Xbox 360 & PS3 platforms to account for additional slot memory
  • Colorblind support (deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia) added for highly color-driven gameplay elements
  • Audio Controls are now available in the Settings menu
  • Item Lock now allows players to prevent gear and weapon items from being accidentally dismantled
  • The purple ball has been reborn in the tower as an interactive sphere with a parallaxed energy core that grows with object velocity and tints based off time of day


Joel: A few bugs specific to retaining ammo are being patched, and Pocket Infinity is receiving a non-specific buff to its general reliability – whatever “edge case conditions” are, your guess is as good as ours. 4th Horseman is also seeing a buff to its “original intended values”. Whether this will make it viable is currently up in the air.

White Nail is receiving a fix! …just not the one you wanted. No longer will you be able to proc the perk on “Immune” targets, such as the Devil Walker’s leg. Unfortunate! Performance Bonus is being fine-tuned to be less reliable on Fusion Rifles, likely anticipatory to Guardians finding a way to work around the Special Ammo drought. Ice Breaker is receiving similar treatment; it will default to 0 ammo on respawn.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a player to lose ammo when switching weapons while dead
  • Fixed a bug where ammo consumables did not reliably replenish ammo
  • Pocket Infinity behavior is less likely to fail during edge case conditions
  • 4th Horseman weapon stats restored to original intended values


  • Updated Thorn‘s first-person player feedback poison effect
  • White Nail perk no longer triggers on immune targets
  • Defensive Reflex (Don’t Touch Me) perk no longer triggers on throwing knives
  • Performance Bonus ammo on Fusion Rifles reduced to match Shotguns and Sniper Rifles
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.1.1 that allowed Ice Breaker to persist ammo after respawn


  • Players can now choose to wear their helmets in social spaces
  • Quest loot pyramid baubles are now easier to spot
  • Added Quest indicator badges to the Tower when a Quest is either completed and ready to turn in
  • Increased Crota’s Bane Reputation rewards on Eris Morn’s bounties
  • Fixed a bug where Major Thralls had two jaws and two left hands
  • Fixed a bug where player’s equipped items did not receive experience from completing missions
  • Fixed a bug where the Black Garden Level 30 Featured Story was incorrectly listed at Level 28
  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Ammo consumables were not available for purchase from Xûr


Joel: Bungie is taming Mars this week, reducing the health on Valus Ta’Aurc by a hefty 33%, and dampening shield strength on the pesky Psion Flayers. Expect to see less Major combatants too. Whether or not you still decide to cower behind boxes in the Nightfall is your call.

Cereberus Vae III

  • Valus Ta’Aruc‘s strength has been reduced by 33%
  • Reduced the number of Major combatants in the Valus Ta’Aurc fight

Dust Palace

  • Dust Palace: Reduced the number of Major combatants in the Psion Flayer fight
  • Dust Palace: Lowered the strength on the Psion Flayers’ shields


Joel: A lot of long-awaited bug tune-ups in the list. Most notably, the Atheon and Gatekeeper encounters should go much more smoothly with Minotaurs and Gates that behave as intended, and an Aegis bubble that doesn’t allow even a smidgen of splash damage from Atheon’s glitchy Torch Cannon.

For Crota’s End, be advised you should now have a more forgiving exit window for getting out after that second or third kneel. Crota will supposedly not swing his sword until he is “fully standing”. This doesn’t affect his invincibility frames, but might encourage you to try to squeeze in one more sword, knowing you can get out while the big oaf clambers to his feet. Also, the god-slaying Sword should stick around with much more reliability – a full 30 seconds after you pick it up with no chance of disappearing after killing the Swordbearer. Neat!

Vault of Glass

  • Vault of Glass will no longer display a highlighted activity notification despite players best efforts to remove it
  • Fixed a bug where splash damage could penetrate the Aegis bubble
  • Shield Relic melee attacks now land Minotaurs more consistently
  • Improved issues associated with walking through the teleport

Crota’s End

  • Crota will now wait until fully standing before a sword attack
  • Fixed a bug where the sword immediately despawned after killing a swordbearer
  • Swords will now last a full 30 seconds after being picked up


Joel: A myriad of fixes and balances, many of which are welcome. Most notably, skirmish and salvage will add a respawn punish for increasing deaths to prevent cheesy strategies and death loops with constant revives. Additionally, three of the most unrealistic bounties involving “sprees” now simply require kills!

Special Ammo is getting a major makeover. Guardians won’t drop it when they die, it will show up only once every 2 minutes, and you’ll receive 50% less (down to 25% from 50%). Teammates are encouraged to pick it up together, as the crate will behave much like Heavy Ammo in drop radius and pick-up time. Once it drops, if you die, it’s gone.

If you’re been itching to blame a team member for picking up Heavy Ammo early, today’s your lucky day: “Heavy ammo now lets everyone know which player or Faction picked up ammo”.


  • Greatly reduced the weighting of Blind Watch and Firebase Delphi in Control, Iron Banner, and Inferno Control playlists
  • Fixed a bug where a player that was killed by an enemy could commit suicide and be revived for points
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving points for neutralizing a control zone
  • Fixed a bug where capture points were not properly disabled after the game ends
  • Added incremental revive timers to Skirmish and Salvage
  • Each time a teammate revives you, it takes longer before you can be revived again (currently +5s each revive)
  • Stopping Power now requires Shotgun kills instead of sprees
  • Target Practice now requires Hand-Cannon kills instead of sprees
  • Electrocutioner now requires Fusion Rifle kills instead of sprees


  • Anomaly: Added invisible physics over the pool table to keep people from hiding
  • Shores of Time: Added kill volume to the open edge of “A” cave in to keep players from hiding
  • The Burning Shrine: Moved the spawn point to fix camera view


  • Crates are now visible for all players long before they are available to pick up, with a countdown timer added to show when they will arrive
  • Guardians no longer drop Special ammo on death
  • Lowered the amount of Special ammo picked up from crates (from 50% to 25%)
  • Special Ammo crate respawn time raised (from 45 seconds to 120 seconds)
  • Increased drop radius when a friendly picks up a Special crate (from 20 meters to 100 meters)
  • Slightly increased interaction time on Special Ammo crate (from 0.1 seconds to 0.8 seconds)
  • Reduced the number of Special crates on the maps and relocated them (from 6-8 crates to 3-5 crates)
  • Special and Heavy ammo bricks now despawn when a player dies or on a timer (20 seconds for Special, 30 seconds for Heavy)
  • Heavy ammo now lets everyone know which player or Faction picked up ammo
  • Increased warning time on Heavy ammo (from 10 seconds to 15 seconds)


  • New visual treatment to Quest nodes and nodes that involve Quest activities or steps
  • Players can now click the left stick to hide the UI when inspecting items, for screenshotting/sharing purposes
  • Fixed a bug where precision kills did not appear correctly in the PGCR
  • UI flyouts are now easier to navigate (i.e. “Amazon Flyout Menu”)


  • Fixed an issue where Stealth Vandal audio was being suppressed by gunfire or other loud sounds
  • Titan Ward of Dawn now has audio indicators at low energy so players can more easily read when it will time out
  • Players walking into enemy Wards of Dawn now hear a sound when blindness is applied


  • Fixed issue where Combined Arms Grimoire card was pointing to the wrong unlock conditions
  • Fixed issue where Grimoire cards were awarding the incorrect number of Grimoire points


  • Fixed a rare soft-lock when a player’s internet connection drops
  • Clarified error that displays when user has insufficient hard drive space
  • Better handling of rest mode/resume on PS4