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Hidden House of Wolves Content

Published on: Apr 14, 2015 @ 13:39

Some of this information via Reddit user ShdwFlm, we’ve now got updated HoW content from the game’s database. Spoiler alert!

This content will be available once the House of Wolves is released.


Updated HoW Venus Location

Thanks to Reddit user Dasgoof12, he snapped some images of what appears to be the Vex Citadel.

We captured footage of it many months ago as you can see in this video, and it looks very different now. I’m sure visual improvements and changes like this were a primary cause of the patch being so large.


“Social” Space

  • Halls of Amentet (Mercury) – Only true champions, tested in the Trials of Osiris, dare set foot in these fabled halls.
  • Queen’s Bay (Reef) – Gateway to the Reef, home of the Queen and her Awoken. Entry point for Guardians looking to collect Reef bounties, forge new allegiances and test themselves in the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris.
destiny queen's bay
“Join Petra Venj and her allies in the Reef. Hunt the Fallen House of Wolves and their notorious Kell, Skolas, the Betrayer. Your reward? Glory… and treasures beyond imagination.”


  • The Shadow Thief – Taniks-Syn, the Fallen’s most notorious mercenary, is leading a strike force on the Moon. Board his Ketch and kill him or he will continue to cut a trail of death across the system.

Story Missions

  • A Joining of HousesScour the Cosmodrome. Find and assassinate the Wolves’ Baron and any of his co-conspirators.
  • The World RavagerSkolas has his eyes set on the Vex Citadel on Venus. Capture him before he can plunder the secrets of space and time.
  • An Army of WolvesTrack the House of Wolves through the caldera on Venus. Kill the Wolf pack before their Kell, Skolas, can rally the Fallen House of Winter to his cause.


  • Wolves’ Gambit – A pack of Fallen Wolves is picking a fight with the Vex on Venus. Head along the Shattered Coast and track down the Wolves to uncover Skolas’s plan.
  • Dark Raider – A High Priest of the House of Wolves has been sent to the Hellmouth. Track him and his crew. Stop them from stealing the Hive’s darkest secrets.
  • Duel of the Silent Fang – Locate and eliminate Skolas’s elite assassins, the Silent Fang.

prison of elders arena iconArena

  • The Prison of Elders – This combat arena pits brave Guardian Fireteams against the solar system’s deadliest enemies. Not all who enter survive, but those who do earn glory… and the greatest treasures of the Reef.


  • Trials of Osiris – You have caught the Eye of Osiris. Venture to Mercury and prove yourself as one of the Crucible’s elite. Only the worthy may face the Trials of Osiris, for only the worthy are strong enough to endure what is to come. A string of victories will earn great rewards – but lose too many matches, and you’re out.

Factionsdestiny fallen faction

  • r1_s3_factions_fallen – Unfinished faction data, nothing is known about it expect its icon.


New Datanew data