Xur’s Loot Review

Xur is located on Nessus. He has the following:

Wings of Sacred Dawn

While you can certainly string together a series of precision hits to stay airborne, the fact that you’re exposing yourself and are limited from any movement whatsoever is just too big a handicap in content where threats require you to be on the move. Calus’ throne room bomb would wipe you out in an instant, Hobgoblins with frenzied line rifle shots would drop you before you could throw your next Solar Grenade. It possesses mild synergy with both Attunements (Ability recharge for Sky, Phoenix Dive for Flame), but this chest piece looks much better than it performs in practice.


A new addition to the Titan arsenal, the Peacekeepers are a Submachinist’s best friend. I’ve had success with them in PvP, but in PvE there are many better options, maybe unless you’ve got Riskrunner. Incoming Arc damage? Switch in a flash and get that Arc Conductor proc’d! The Peacekeepers reload-while-stowed perk, and the fact that Submachine Guns are very good in the Crucible, make these a decent option.

Knucklehead Radar

This all-purpose Hunter helm makes a return from D1 with an almost identical perk. However, it’s worth noting that it now applies to ADS with any weapon – not just your “Primary.” For PvP, this is obviously huge, especially with the radar delay. In PvE? Not so much. Enemies are usually forthright about their locations. You won’t be bursted down by the Last Hope from a particularly bold Thrall (wouldn’t that be something, though?)

If you’re concerned about being flanked from all sides while ADS, you’re likely out of position yourself. The utility provided here is minimal at best – but admittedly is functional in each and every activity for each and every Hunter subclass. For this reason, it’s a good “put it on and forget it” Exotic if you just like to have Radar up and running at all times.