Xûr’s Entire Loot Table! (Pre-HoW)

Published on: Oct 25, 2014 @ 17:02

We’ve uncovered every single Exotic Xûr will (eventually) sell!

By changing the time/date setting on your PlayStation, you’re able to see what items Xûr has the possibility of selling in the future. To learn more about this and how to do it yourself, check out this video:

As explained in the video, you’re unable to actually purchase these items.

Unfortunately you’re not able to see what he has coming next week, only what he has the possibility of selling next week (listed below).

[divider]Loot Table Revealed

We went one step further, by doing the above mentioned time/date change 40+ times, we were able to unveil everything Xûr will eventually sell! Check it out:

He will sell us nearly every single Exotic, besides the Vex Mythoclast, the (timed) PS exclusive weapons, and the Exotic weapons that are acquired through their respective bounty.

He will sell all of the current Exotic helms/chests/gauntlets.

He will sell:

Weapons Sold Before?
Dragon’s Breath Yes
No Land Beyond Yes
MIDA Multi-Tool Yes
Thunderlord No
The Last Word Yes
Universal Remote Yes
Patience and Time Yes
Plan C Yes
Hard Light No
Red Death Yes
SUROS Regime Yes
Ice Breaker Yes
Gjallarhorn Yes
Truth Yes

He will not sell:

Weapons Acquired by
Vex Mythoclast VoG Hard
The 4th Horseman* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Monte Carlo* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Hawkmoon* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Thorn A Light in the Dark
Bad Juju Toland’s Legacy
Super Good Advice A Voice in the Wilderness
Fate of All Fools An Unknown Patron
Pocket Infinity Shattered Memory Fragment
Invective A Dubious Task

*These might be added to his loot table once they’re available for Xbox users.

We have an in-depth text + video review for nearly every Exotic weapon – click on a weapon to check out the review.