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XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Super Good Advice 23
Legacy Helmet Engram 29
Twilight Garrison Titan Any 13
Achlyophage Symbiote Hunter Gunslinger 13
THE STAG Warlock Any 13


Twilight Garrison


Achlyophage Symbiote75d4a2bc6b713ce6fd75750e6fcfcc53

Bungie inexplicably introduced a nerf to the time in which you can fire your extra Golden Gun shot, so it’s essentially become an imperative that you both: (a) have your target(s) picked out before popping GG; and (b) never miss.

If you abide by these rules you just might be able to squeeze off a valuable extra GG bullet and make it count. If you can’t do this, then you essentially have no Exotic at all. What’s more – even if you were able to do this, you may have found yourself focusing DPS on a single onerous target from sheer ease of access. In this case, you’d obviously prefer Celestial Nighthawk The effective removal of the ability to “roam”, coupled with the universality of Helmet mods reduces this Exotic’s once valuable niche.

Instead, it’s just an average-to-below-average B tier helmet now. In PvP, a 4-shot GG is an even more dubious proposition. The likelihood of four targets being in plain view being unaware of your presence in time to get popped is near-nil. And if they’re bunched up already, Combustion + 3 shots would do the trick.


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In PvE, aside from being a re-rollable helmet, its usefulness is basically zilch. You’ll only be respawning when recovering from a wipe or by the grace of a teammate, and the chance for an Overshield and the short duration it lasts will not be relevant in your success in any content whatsoever.

In a Nightfall, this could be useful for Sunsingers looking to get Fireborn up quickly for a suicide revive, but if your teammates laugh at you for taking it into the Raid, don’t get mad at them. The STAG is a C tier in PvE.

Your mileage in PvP may vary… you might actually get your Super in record time, and top-heavy antlers are cool, right?