xur worth buying last word obsidian

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Strange Coin
The Last Word 23
Legacy Heavy Engram 31
Eternal Warrior Titan Striker 13
Knucklehead Radar Hunter Any 13
Obsidian Mind Warlock Voidwalker 13

The Last Word

Doesn’t get much better than this for PvP!


Eternal Warrior

You can go with Shoulder Charge or Juggernaut knowing you’ll be sponging plenty of damage when unleashing your Fist of Havoc. Like the stalwart and impassive face of the statue you’ll be inhabiting, you will be indomitable and well-equipped for any situation, even if you lack the flash of a truly fun Exotic perk.

Both Shoulder Charge and Unstoppable are must-haves for PvP, and the Eternal Warrior won’t force you to pick between either. You can face a buckshot blast to the face and live with Unstoppable, and Shoulder Charge is a one-hit killer that is a delight to land.

Other benefits include being able to stand still and having your opponents think you’re just a harmless statue – maybe.


Knucklehead Radar

Never much of a PvE standout, Knucklehead Radar is still not worth your time in Destiny’s endgame content. PvP is a fully different story, where having constant radar gives you an edge over the competition. In PvE, you should be aware of enemy spawns and be cautious enough to not throw yourself in a situation where you’ll be caught unawares from a flanking position.


Obsidian Mind

Stormcaller may have staying power, but Voidwalker is still top of its class for straight-up instant devastation with peerless orb generation. Without the hard cap of 5, you can still have the potential to easily generate 6-7 orbs by targeting a group (8 if you’re extremely lucky), and depending on the number of enemies, you’ll instantly generate a chunk of Super back.

Obsidian Mind can unleash an orb-productive Super with much more frequency, and while it can’t hang around for 25 unholy seconds, Voidwalker’s are free to get back to weapon DPS without locking themselves into a role. What’s more, you can re-roll your helm perks to land your favorites (though Inverse Shadow + Infusion can’t really be beat).