XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Strange Coin
Invective 17
Legacy Helm Engram 29
Helm of Saint-14 Titan Defender 13
Bones of Eao Hunter Any 13
Voidfang Vestments Warlock Voidwalker 13


Invective is another example of Exotic done right. It is dark and imposing, with subtle orange accents and a pleasing sight that leaves plenty of visibility when ADS. There are no unnecessary frilly accents or cumbersome spikes, just sleek, compact power.

This weapon has gone from being overpowered to under-appreciated, and everywhere in between. Right now, it sits as a fantastic option for those willing to embrace its charms. The combination of very solid base stats, full auto, and regenerating ammo is enough for it to claim “Exotic” status in Crucible and PvE alike. Though it’s not perfect, and while it is always difficult to choose an Exotic over another, Invective will reward you for making the sacrifice.


Helm of Saint-14

A top-tier Defender Exotic remains as relevant as ever. Saint-14 excels in controlling choke points and offering a haven from CQB, blinding anyone who passes through it for a significant amount of time. In PvE, this can single-handedly allow for certain risky strategies that would otherwise be impermissible. In PvP, occasionally someone will get cocky and fling themselves headlong into your death bubble only to realize they’re in way over their head.

Starless Night will blind any enemy (aside from bosses) that enter the Ward of Dawn bubble. Being able to blind enemies is incredibly useful in PvE and even PvP, and adds a new depth to the Ward of Dawn. When enemies enter the Ward of Dawn, they’ll be unable to consciously react. Being overwhelmed by any number of enemies is nothing this helmet can’t handle; it’s a great way to take on powerful enemies.


Bones of Eao

These can be extremely fun to use when you’re looking to speed across the battlefield, or curious about that hard-to-reach ledge and what may lie beyond it – but for optimizing your build, they are not at or even near the top of the pack.


Voidfang Vestments

The Improved Axion Bolt perk will buff the already strong Axion Bolt grenades, which means more consistent kills.

This chest will work for the Sunsinger as well, because with the Gift of the Sun talent, it will spawn grenades for you. The full grenade energy you get from Improved Axion Bolt will also work with any grenade, not just the Axion Bolt.  Respawning with full grenade energy is an option that should never be overlooked.

If you are playing as a Voidwalker, combining the Improved Axion Bolt perk with the Vortex Mastery ability (which increases the range of Axion Bolt) will make your grenades lethal and better at clearing out larger areas.