xur worth buying thunderlord

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Thunderlord Maybe 17
Legacy Chest Engram 29
Helm of Inmost Light Titan Striker Yes 13
Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Any Maybe 13
The Impossible Machines Warlock Stormcaller Yes 13


Helm of Inmost Light

This Exotic’s usefulness is wholly dependent on how much you like that Striker Fist of Havoc. Just like Nova Bomb, the base damage of Fist of Havoc was amped up 50%, with an additional 50% for AI combatants, in the 2.3 June update. Unlike Nova Bomb, FoH deals the entirety of its damage to anyone caught in its radius, so the effective kill zone remains more or less the same.

The intrinsic perk limits the unique benefits of this helmet to acting on the one-shot-one-chance Fist of Havoc instead of a more all-purpose utility roll. Conversely, now that its secondary perks are now longer limited to hideous Melee-based builds, it is in a stronger place overall.

For PvE, go for Inverse Shadow. Better Already/Infusion are arguably top-tier, though Innervation will do in a pinch. In fact, even Invigoration (with the incredible buff to Amplify) translates to more Super for the HoIL fan. And the best news is you’re going to end up with a nice chunk of Intellect no matter what your secondary roll is – not bad!


Radiant Dance Machines

The mean, green, dancin’ machines are back and begging you to put on your dancing shoes. Unfortunately for PvE, while they’ll give you an edge in mobility, their utility is limited. The movement speed bonus ends as soon as you stop strafing, and you’re better off with a fly pair of Eao Jordans + Increased Control for Hunter-brand Skating. However they are a compelling PvP option, and RDM fit this bill.

The increased ADS speed + MIDA Multi-Tool or other stacking Agility buffs, e.g. from the Chaperone, will give you an edge in chasing down opponents or pulling out that Crucial firefight victory with superior strafe speed.


The Impossible Machines

These grant the “Landfall” perk, free of charge. This frees up Ionic Blink or Superconductor – both excellent perks for PvP and PvE, respectively. Landfall deals damage around the caster, and disorients targets who somehow survived. Pair it with Superconductor and Transendence for the ultimate PvE add-clearance.

Take damage, sprint up to a high-health foe, pop Stormtrance. You’ll take a huge chunk off their health bar, stun them, and get full health in the process. These gauntlets are very momentum-friendly, with Landfall getting the ball rolling and Superconductor cleaning up. In PvP, surprise a Defender Titan or anyone beneath you and deke around with Ionic Blink.