xur worth buying red death

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Red Death Yes
Legacy Special Engram 31
The Glasshouse Titan 13
Don’t Touch Me Hunter 13
The Ram Warlock Yes 13


The Glasshouse

Bathed in Light will extend the duration of either of those talents by 5 seconds, allowing it to stay active for a total of 15 seconds.

Blessing of Light grants you and any allies who pass through the shield a bonus shield that stacks on top of your existing health. This shield normally has 65 health (boosted to 95 with Illumination). If the shield is damaged or destroyed, you can simply step back into your Ward to regenerate it. It’s helpful in situations where you need some extra muscle to break an enemy position.

Weapons of Light is a powerful damage bonus, granting you and any friendly Guardians who pass through it a 25% damage bonus (35% with Illumination). Weapons of Light gives Ward of Dawn some offensive bite and can result in more sustained damage being dealt over the lifespan of Ward of Dawn.


Don’t Touch Me

These PvE-focused gauntlets are subclass neutral. While these technically aren’t a Bladedancer-only item, Bladedancer’s will benefit more from Defensive Reflex using their Shadowjack talent.

When you are struck by melee, you are granted 3 seconds of invisibility (6 seconds using Shadowjack). There is no cool down either, so the moment you are exposed, you are lined up for yet another vanishing act the next time you’re struck.

You’re not nearly as likely to get one-shot melee’d in the current game, so you’ll almost always get a practical use from the invisibility here. The key is that they still aren’t fantastic unless abusing Shadowjack, and the NS has far more reliable ways of going invisible with Smoke Bombs + SAGs.


The Ram

Its potency has been tuned down a bit, but it is still a top-tier PvP option when smartly run with high Armor investment and (most importantly) a corresponding Armor boost on your Chest Armor. Check out this guide for more info about how potent the extra armor is.

The extra DR is not as noticeable in PvE, but certainly doesn’t hurt. There, you’re more likely to take advantage of near-constant uptime on a “Life Steal” like effect that gives Voidwalkers flexibility and longevity in picking their engagements and allocating recovery investment appropriately.