xur worth buying ram

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xûr is located in the Vanguard Hall.

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Chest Engram (chance @ Twilight Garrison) Yes 19
Legacy Gauntlet Engram 29
Mk. 44 Stand Asides (43/61 DISC, 43/61 STR) Titan Striker Maybe 13
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (31/44 DISC, 29/42 STR) Hunter Any Yes 13
The Ram (59/74 STR) Warlock Voidwalker Yes 13


Mk. 44 Stand Asides01f70e16998f00610e3b272806d5a3b5

The MK. 44 Stand Asides are the most pitiful Exotic to ever grace the scene for Destiny’s Titans. They provide a perplexingly specific and limited perk that only works if you spec Shoulder Charge. This perk allows you to hold your SC a few extra seconds before its potential expires. In Y2, they come with a tighter turn radius.

So, with Headstrong, if you’re a Striker fan who is looking to play around in PvP, they might earn you 1 extra kill a match with a quicker, more responsive, and forgiving Shoulder Charge (and probably 5 extra deaths as you try to lean on SC too hard). In PvE, they are I guess okay for speedrunning Strikes. Just kidding: bottom C tier easy.

Twist Fate? No

You should only use them for PvP, so keep that in mind. Sniper Rifle Ammo is appreciable and RL Ammo is just as worthy as MG Ammo. Discipline/Strength might not be your ideal split, so look for a smidge of Intellect if you do decide to reroll after all – but seriously, it doesn’t matter.


Sealed Ahamkara Grasps4a5253f3aa8cf3736224d0a9e23790e0

These grant a powerful boon in one extra melee charge, and any melee damage has a chance to instantly refund your Primary magazine. This perk procs frequently (50%+ of the time) in my experience, so it’s a great supplement for Raid weapons with Cocoon, or for Hunters running Ace of Spades – or indeed, any weapon that gets a little bashful about reloading or reserve ammo.

The extra melee charge is excellent for Bladedancers and Nightstalkers, who can make great use of it to play around with invisibility, or in the NS case, spam Lockdown/Envenomed boosted smoke charges. In tandem with Keen Scout, this is an excellent combination for solo PvE or especially PvP. In any case, with the myriad benefits of NS smoke in PvE, these Gauntlets earn an A all the way.

Twist Fate? Yes

Aim for anything other than Sidearm Reloader. Switchblade is a given, I believe, and Impact Induction is equally as appealing as the alternative. Intellect/Strength is preferred for PvE, but Discipline/Strength is better for the heavy dual-AoE PvP NS, to better spam the lethal grenade/smoke combo.


The Ram25a7199ccc09231f02d9b7fde7ed806d

Ah… the scourge of the high-PvPs in Y1. Its potency has been tuned down a bit, but it is still a top-tier PvP option when smartly run with high Armor investment and (most importantly) a corresponding Armor boost on your Chest Armor. Check out this guide for more info about how potent the extra armor is.

The extra DR is not as noticeable in PvE, but certainly doesn’t hurt. There, you’re more likely to take advantage of near-constant uptime on a “Life Steal” like effect that gives Voidwalkers flexibility and longevity in picking their engagements and allocating recovery investment appropriately. Beyond that though, it’s fairly limited in its PvE benefits, so it gets a healthy tier.

Twist Fate? Maybe

It’s got a disappointing set of perks available to it. Despite assurances from the Armory to the contrary, you are stuck with Hands-On no matter what. At least, that’s what 10 re-rolls has taught me as I aimed for Inverse Shadow. It’s possible to get it, I’ve just been really unlucky. Other than that, you’ll always have Strength, so honestly it’s a bit of a wash from a PvE re-roll perspective. You may prefer Heavy Lifting or Second Thoughts, but Infusion is almost certainly better than Invigoration. Your call.