xur worth buying zhalo

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Zhalo Supercell Yes 23
Legacy Primary Weapon 31
No Backup Plans Titan 13
Graviton Forfeit Hunter 13
Apotheosis Veil Warlock 13


No Backup Plans

In addition to lengthening Force Barrier, you can now proc Disintegrate’s benefits with a Shotgun kill, providing you have a active melee charge. This works well with an aggressive Titan skating build in PvP. If you’re running these gauntlets, you should be all in with your build. That means a Shotgun for a secondary, and this roll provides the necessary buff to Reload Speed to ensure that you’ll never be caught with your pants down. Of course, if you really want that extended duration but have no interest in running a Shotgun, it never hurts to reroll for Sniper Reload Speed. Then, spec War Machine for lightning fast reloads for when you run Shotgun.


Graviton Forfeit

The largest dilemma for any Nightstalker is choosing between Keen Scout and Shadestep. With this exotic granting Shadestep automatically, that decision is irrelevant, because now both can be used- providing a staggeringly powerful neutral game.

It’s also a useful tool for escaping harm in PvE. Golgoroth’s gaze and the new HM Warpriest projectiles are obvious things for a well-timed Shadestep to make irrelevant. Still, you’re only going to get so much mileage in PvE out of not shooting – the overall goal should always be to stay in the fight and support your team.


Apotheosis Veil

Chuck a grenade, smack an acolyte, pop your super for full health and rinse and repeat.

It’s not going to fix your game or revolutionize the way you approach PvE, but if you have no desire to run a better or more specialized Exotic, you could do worse overall. A mid B tier in PvE. PvP it’s worth a look, with a rather weak field for Warlocks overall.