Xur Location and Inventory | 5/1 – 5/4

Welcome back, Guardians! Hope the Season is going well for you. Xur has returned for the weekend; sources tell me he’s on Titan, near the Rig. Read on to see what fun Exotics he’s brought for us this week.

This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries:

Monte Carlo

An old favorite from D1, the Monte Carlo has arrived to help you lay the smackdown on your enemies. Literally. If you like punching stuff half as much as I do, you’re in luck; this Exotic Auto Rifle comes with the Monte Carlo Method Exotic perk, lowering melee ability cooldown with successful shots. Even better? The Method gives Monte Carlo kills a chance to fully reset your melee ability. After spraying or punching your way to a kill, the Markov Chain perk gives the Monte Carlo a damage buff, plus some ammo on melee kills.

This gun was a blast in D1, and I’m told it only gets better here. Pick it up, fire it, punch stuff, and get rewarded.

And for 23 Legendary Shards, Xur offers:

Skull of Dire Ahamkara

Warlocks this week can treat themselves to a Skull of Dire Ahamkara. The Skull has the Actual Grandeur Exotic perk, which ups your damage resistance while Nova Bombing and grants immediate Super energy on kill, so you can do it again more quickly. It’s not a bad helmet, but Warlocks have a lot of Exotic armor to choose from, and the Skull isn’t the absolute best. That said, it’s pretty good, and situationally great, so give it a shot, oh bearer mine.

Khepri’s Sting

Nightstalkers rejoice; Xur has given you the opportunity — no, the privilege — to strap a large, angry scarab to your arm for various battle purposes. Khepri’s Sting comes with the Touch of Venom Exotic Perk, which allows your fully charged melees to immediately drop a Smoke Bomb. The Touch also gives you truesight in your Smoke Bombs while amping their damage a bit. Pick it up, whether for the Smoke Bomb tricks or for the large, angry scarab.

Severance Enclosure

A newer Titan chest piece, Severance Enclosure allows for some spicy chained kills. Its intrinsic Spheromatik Trigger perk make elemental melee kills trigger an explosion of the same element. This explosion is larger and more damaging if caused by a finisher or melee hit. Titans aren’t exactly hurting for good Exotics, but this is a cool, if niche, option.

Xur also carries an Exotic Engram, providing a random Exotic piece for 97 Legendary Shards, the Five of Swords for Nightfalls, and The Invitation of the Nine for 9 Legendary Shards, if you haven’t completed that quest yet.

I’ll admit some bias in my final rundown, but I love Monte Carlo for its playstyle and Khepri’s Sting for its aesthetic. The Titan piece is nice, but doesn’t really seem too different or exciting. Skull is always at least decent, oh bearer mine. There’s no bad option this week; pick up some goods and test them out.

See you next week!