Xur Location and Inventory | 4/2 – 4/5/2021

Greetings, Guardians! Hope you got through April Fool’s Day without too much hassle. Xur, everyone’s favorite Exotic merchant, is too much of a professional for that silliness, and has touched ground on Nessus (near the Watcher’s Grave area) to do business as usual. Read on to see what goodies he’s got this week.

This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries:


The Arbalest is an Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle, which is definitely a Lot Of Proper Nouns, bit also a really neat niche. Arby carries the Compounding Force perk, giving it more damage to shielded foes. Once you’ve broken the shield, Disruption Break kicks in, weakening the shieldless enemy to Kinetic damage for a couple of seconds. Is it great? No. But it’s a cool niche, and the flavor text is excellent. Give it a try.

And for 23 Legendary Shards, Xur offers:

Aeon Soul

Don’t buy Aeon items. Even with the buff they got not too long ago, it’s still a better idea to find an Exotic that does something better or fits your playstyle more. The Aeon set is still too niche and weak to be a real player compared to basically every other Exotic.

Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rig is a great set of Exotic Leg Armor for your Nightstalker. The Uncanny Arrows Exotic Perk gives you Super Energy for every enemy tethered by Shadowshot, meaning you are rewarded for using your Super well by getting another Super quickly. Given the right setup, the Rig is great for all sorts of PvE content. Grab it if you’re a Nightstalker player.

Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant is a niche set of Titan legs. Their Jump Jets perk grants aerial mobility and airborne hipfire accuracy. That’s super situational, especially given the class they belong to, but definitely neat if it pays off. Try them out. Run rampant. Become a sky lion.

Xur also carries an Exotic Engram, providing a random Exotic piece for 97 Legendary Shards, the Five of Swords for Nightfalls, and The Invitation of the Nine for 9 Legendary Shards, if you haven’t completed that quest yet.

Also, Xur now has a quest to get an Exotic Cipher! By doing Strikes or winning Crucible or Gambit games, you can unlock a Cipher to access vaulted Exotic gear!

Other than the Aeon piece, there are some goodies here. Orpheus Rig hasn’t come up in a long time; Arbalest and Lion Rampant are uncommon as well. My recommendation is to grab the Rig, along with anything you don’t have as a collector. I want Arbalest to be great, but it fills a small niche, so I’m not sure it will be.

See you next week!