Xûr Glitch!

Ever wondered what items Xûr has the possibility of selling? Thanks to Reddit user Vatenkiest for discovering this, we can manipulate the item’s Xûr has in his inventory via the console time!

The video below explains how to do this for the PS. It’s unconfirmed whether or not this will work on Xbox. Harness the time traveling power of the Vex and see what Xûr might sell in the future:

As explained in the video, you’re unable to actually purchase these items, but it serves as a way to see what items you can expect to see from him in the future.

Unfortunately you’re not able to see what he has coming next week, only what he has the possibility of selling next week.

By checking out what he has the possibility of selling, you can gather statistics for how many times he sells X item and estimate your chances of him having that item in the future. For example, Sunbreakers and Ice Breaker currently have a high probability of returning next week.


Feel free to try this out yourself while he’s still in the Tower (leaving 10/12 @ 9 AM GMT).

  • Hit the PS button, navigate to settings.
  • Go to time setting.
  • Change and apply the time to a past date
  • Talk to Xûr, and you will see new items.

How’s the probability of the Exotic you need to be in his inventory? Let us know your findings in the comments!