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Xbox One S & Project Scorpio Details

Sporting two Terabytes of hard drive space (for reference, that’s about 2000 hours of Titan Smash Fail videos or 620,000 screenshots of your Guardian posing heroically in front of the Traveler), support for 4K Ultra HD Video Output, High Dynamic Range (which Google tells me expands the TV’s contrast ratio and color palette to offer a more realistic, natural image than what’s possible with today’s HDTVs), a streamlined controller, and a vertical stand.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One Slim to be released this August at multiple price points, starting at $300. Pricing will be based on hard drive size, with options at 500 GB for the base model, 1TB for $350, or 2TB for $400. It will also be a full 40% smaller than current models.

We’ll also be watching closely for any appearances from Bungie, who has indicated they will be appearing in various live streams with little advance notice to provide new information about Rise of Iron. Keep an eye on our Twitter for news and updates as the conference goes on, and we’ll update this article later today.


Predictions for E3 and beyond: