Available now: Written in Light, a Destiny Community Zine

Comics. Stories. Cosplay and prop-making. Beautiful art.

A few months ago we advertised a call for submissions for Written in Light, the first (that we know of) Destiny fan-zine. Now, it’s my pleasure to announce the release of the first volume: Memories of Destiny 1.

You can download it now!

Within these pages you’ll find inspired works that showcase the depth and talent of the Destiny community. Twenty-seven contributors from across the internet shared their memories of Destiny 1 in the shape of art, stories, cosplay, and prop-making, and we can’t begin to describe what a pleasure it has been to work with these accomplished individuals. This is a wildly talented community, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

We hope you love reading Written in Light as much as we’ve loved putting it together. We’d also love for you to join us in sharing our announcement and spreading the word – but for now, download Volume 1 and get reading!


Jasper, Sky, and Kitty

//Written in Light