Wrath of the Machine Guide

Be sure to pick up the Wrath of the Machine Quest from Shiro-4 beforehand.


Vosik, the Archpriest (Part 1)

  • Kill the Voltage Eater as soon as possible.
  • Someone needs to pick up 4 stacks of Voltage and run to a Foundry Spinner.
  • After enough stacks of Voltage in a Foundry Spinner, it will produce SIVA charges.
  • Throw the SIVA charges at Vosik; they deal massive damage.
    • Once his shield is down, and there’s no more SIVA charges to throw, deal as much damage as possible with regular weapons.

Vosik, the Archpriest (Part 2)

  • Vosik is immune to regular weapons until his shield is down.
  • Take his shield down by throwing SIVA charges – throw all 3 at the same time for extra damage.
    • Don’t hold on to them too long or they will disappear.
  • Shortly after throwing the SIVA charges simultaneously, there will be a monitor to the left or right of Vosik that lights up – shoot this immediately until it blows up.
  • Once Vosik’s shield is down, 2 more SIVA charges will spawn in the middle. Throw these as soon as possible, and then prepare to hide.
  • When the “SIVA Density Critical” message appears, find the orange illuminated room on the far left or right side. Everyone needs to be in this room to avoid dying.
    • When everyone is in the room, shoot the lock so that the shield activates.

Siege Engine 

  • Take out both of the Engine’s turrets, and then the exposed area in the middle.
  • Once the exposed area has been destroyed, you’ll be able to climb atop the Siege Engine.
  • Stay on top of it until it breaks through the wall. A few seconds after breaking through, run to the Engine pieces on the opposite side.
  • Each piece can only be held for 9 seconds before being dropped. Someone else will need to pick it up after 9 seconds of carrying.
    • You will become “Exhausted” after carrying it, and won’t be able to pick up an Engine piece again until Exhaustion ends.
  • Once you get close enough to the Siege Engine, Meksis will be atop of it, and needs to be killed to continue.
  • Continue to rotate the Siege Engine pieces throughout your team and deliver them in the appropriate places.

Aksis, Archon Prime (Part 1)

  • Split into teams of two. 2 people should each try to cover the left, middle, and right sides.
  • Kill the Captains holding the cannons; 1 person from each group should equip each cannon.
  • Servitors will spawn in after killing the Captains, and they need to be taken down with the corresponding cannon.
    • Hold the charge to kill them in 1-shot.
    • If you drop a cannon, you won’t be able to pick up a SIVA charge for 30 seconds.
  • Once the Servitors are down, the person that’s not holding the cannon needs to pick up the SIVA charge and throw it at a highlighted SIVA containment core near the boss.
  • After each Servitor is down, and all SIVA charges have been thrown, Aksis will spawn Shanks that need to be eliminated.

These steps are then repeated, but after each stage of Shanks, more Servitors will spawn and more SIVA charges will need to be thrown.

Aksis, Archon Prime (Part 2)



  • Aksis will be immune until all 3 SIVA clusters are thrown at him.
  • Scorch/Shock/Null Captains will spawn 1 minute after the encounter begins. Kill them and pick up their cannons.
  • Whoever picks up the cannons will need to take out the respective Servitor.
  • 2 people should be on the left, 2 in the middle, and 2 on the right side. The people without the cannons should pick up the SIVA charge left behind by the Servitor and throw them at Aksis.
  • After all 3 SIVA charges are thrown at Aksis, he will teleport to a random location. Immediately have 1 Empowered person jump on the red exposed area.
  • After the Empowered person stuns Aksis, you will have a few seconds to deal as much damage as possible.
    • The person who’s Empowered will vary, so try to have 1 on each side of arena so you don’t miss the stun opportunity.
    • You will have 3 chances to stun and damage Aksis before he becomes immune again.
  • After the third stun/damage phase, Aksis will teleport back to the center and become immune. At this point, everyone needs to jump on 1 of the pillars of light to be protected from the ” Critical SIVA Density”
    • All 6 people should be on the same pillar.
  • Once the Captains spawn in, repeat the steps above.