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Where is the Meta Headed?

The latest balance pass has once again changed the face of the Crucible. Before you start dismantling things from your vault, check out this week’s episode of Crucible Radio, where the guys discuss everything that seems to be different, for better or for worse.


Auto Rifles

Slight tweaks to the low impact and high impact archetypes have rounded out auto rifles in a much needed way. That being said, the power differences haven’t changed much. The right roll on a high impact auto can make all the difference – spec for range on those archetypes.

Major Players: Doctrine of Passing, Her Memory

If You’re Looking to Buy: Righteous VII (New Monarchy)


Pulse Rifles

When the Taken King dropped, pulse rifles dominated every aspect of the Crucible. When another balance patch hit in December, many put their pulse rifles in the vault. But lo and behold, many still hold up. Previously, you might have needed to wait for a rare drop or a package from the Gunsmith, but now, there are multiple ways to acquire a good pulse rifle and multiple archetypes play well.

Major Players: Hawksaw, Suros PDX-45, Grasp of Malok

If You’re Looking to Buy: Hawksaw (Crucible Quartermaster), The Villainy (Future War Cult)


Scout Rifles

The long range primary class hasn’t changed much throughout Destiny’s lifespan. The only real problem was the overuse of the MIDA Multi-tool, but now that the MIDA has lost those high-caliber rounds, others might have a chance to step up.

Major Players: MIDA Multi-tool, Tuonela SR4, Tlaloc


Hand Cannons

We all saw it coming, but The Last Word and Thorn have been taken down a peg. Both are still usable and will definitely be effective in the right hands, but it’s finally time to give others a shot. Hawkmoon’s buff makes it very viable, but it’s not likely going to dominate in the way Thorn has for so long. Spec for range on a legendary and you’ll be able to get some kills.

Major Players: Hawkmoon, Eyasluna, Thorn, The Last Word



No changes here. Sidearms can do work in 6v6 playlists due to their ammo regeneration and effectiveness in the air. But in playlists where revives play a part, they can’t do much.



It’s been a long year and a half for shotguns, and most of the changes to this class seem to be in the past. The high impact shotguns still dominate and will continue until something drastic happens.

Major Players: Conspiracy Theory-D, Party Crasher +1, Her Champion


Fusion Rifles

Change is inevitable, progress is optional! Fusion rifles are back and it’s time to learn how to use them well. With a 40% stability buff, the master blasters finally feel good to fire again. Whether or not they begin to dominate is still up for grabs, because a missed shot is very punishable. Either way for the sake of variety, get your hands on one of the great rolls available in the Tower.

Major Players: The Vacancy, Thesan FR4

If You’re Looking to Buy: The Vacancy (Future War Cult), Panta Rhei (Crucible Quartermaster)


Sniper Rifles

Though the change was slight, the sandbox designers seemed to have scoped in on snipers this time around. Many players were using hard-hitting, long-range weapons from very close range, so they’re now a little slower when aiming down sights. The biggest change comes not from a direct tweak to snipers but a change to overshield strength. Now, any sniper with an impact rating of 16 or higher can revive-snipe, making Elimination playlists far more diverse in terms of weapon choice.

Major Players: Defiance of Yasmin, LDR 5001, Y-09 Longbow Synthesis, 1000 Yard Stare

Keep digging through that vault for good rolls, and keep testing out new things in the Crucible. It’s only been about a week, and the meta has not yet settled down. Above all else, now is the time to use what you like, or try something you’ve always wanted to in the Crucible. We’re having fun with The Vacancy – look out for the Crucible Radio boys and their fusions!