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What’s Next? (PD Podcast Recap #44)

Published on: Nov 15, 2015 @ 17:45

Everyone is abuzz about  the new games, and until Destiny adds more content, it can be easy to feel burnout – and if you’re usually playing every day, it’s normal. So what is the next wave of content? Raid on Mars?

The guys all agreed that new games had been distracting as of late, but that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tefty pointed out that after people have had some time with newly released games, an announcement could be right around the corner.


Come on, Eirene

Thanks to a specific roll available on a sniper rifle Banshee was giving out, the new talk in the Crucible is all about the Eirene RR4 – an Omolon sniper equipped with Luck in the Chamber, a perk that offers bonus damage on a random round in the magazine. With this roll so readily available, the concern is that we’re back to where we started…

The LiTC bullet is random, so it’s a little harder for the user to prepare to use it. With Final Round, you could go on playing until your magazine was almost empty, then get ready to aim for the body with the last bullet.

Iron Banner Goes Clash

A recent Bungie Weekly Update has revealed that for the first time, the Iron Banner competition will be played in the game mode Clash, as opposed to the traditional Control. It’s quite possible that with Clash, the issue of “playing the objectives” being irrelevant will make for more fun, balanced games. Many players who want to roll solo find it nearly impossible to win and rank up in standard Iron Banner, but with Clash, they might have a fighting chance.

More importantly, the guys are very curious to see if the fixed/increased drop rates with Iron Banner rewards will truly feel rewarding. Few drop and low light levels made Year 2’s first Iron Banner feel like a waste of time – hopefully the opposite is true for the coming week of Clash.

So what do you think? Should the Eirene with LitC be destroyed or is it no big deal? What do you think about the new IB changes? If you could choose one thing to add to Destiny, what would it be?