What’s Changed in WoTM Heroic Mode

Wrath of the Machine: Hard Mode dropped today (Tuesday, October 18th), and there some new changes to the raid that you’ll want to be aware of before you tackle it with your fireteam.

The recommended Light Level is 380!

What’s New?

  • Vosik, Phase 2
    1. You must now detonate six SIVA charges as opposed to 3
    2. 2 monitors must be destroyed per cycle
    3. Safe room doors are half-closed – you must slide to safety!
  • The Siege Engine (Death Zamboni)
    1. A Perfected Walker tank will drop.
  • Aksis, Phase 1
    1. There are now 3 SIVA turrets to contend with – of the same type that are found in “The Wretched Eye” strike. They disappear during the second phase.
  • Aksis, Phase 2
    1. 9 elemental Servitors now spawn, as opposed to three.
    2. 7 SIVA charges will be required to remove Aksis’ overshield

We’ll keep this updated as more mechanics and strategies are uncovered. But congratulations to Clan Die Busfahrer for the first successful Hard Mode completion!


Spliced armor can be rewarded in heroic mode.