prison of elders recap

Weekly Update 5.7.15 (PoE Recap)

Published on: May 7, 2015 @ 18:28

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Let’s go to Prison. Again.

Respect your elders, they say. The cold, hard fact is that they won’t always respect you back. That’s what we learned yesterday during the Prison of Elders reveal. Three Guardians who had never played Destiny together took on one of the most challenging activities that you’ll experience in House of Wolves.

The results were amazing. Our enemies cowered in fear as we swept each cell clean. We emerged victorious to enjoy a shower of riches. has kept pace with this reveal calendar since it began. Check out the new Prison of Elders event page. Along with the House of Wolves portion of our site, it details challenges you have yet to meet and treasures you have yet to earn.

We’ve shown you the door. Your chance to walk through it will come soon enough, but only after you’ve completed the missions available to you in the Reef. We’d recommend you commit to Prison of Elders from the safety of a comfy chair with some teammates who complement your fighting style. They can even join in progress right up to the final boss round. Or, if you need allies, take advantage of matchmaking in the base activity.


The Rundown on the Downloads

We interrupted Destiny services yesterday to prepare you and your trusty console for the arrival of new content. As usual, the population rebounded with a vengeance as soon as the work as done. We see you when you wake up in the morning and when you finally succumb to the lures of sleep – and we love the way you bounce back after we deploy updates.

There will be two more updates that will prepare your world for hunting season. Here’s the weather report for the next few weeks:

Update 1.2.0
Tuesday, May 12th
Sometime after 10AM PST
Final preparation and world changes

Tuesday, May 19th
Sometime after 10AM PST
Final delivery and activation of Expansion II

As always, keep an eye out for official Patch Notes. The last word on game updates will be brought to you by the Destiny Dev Team. Accept no substitutes!

Tomorrow, you’ll want to keep an eye on, or any of our off-world social outposts. There are more secrets from the Reef to share.