Weekly Update 3.5.15 (Patch Coming)

Published on: Mar 5, 2015 @ 15:25

The full update can be found on Bungie.net


Buzzing the Tower

Now that 1.1.1 has been tucked in below decks, we can line up the next “release candidate” for final approach.

Don’t get too anxious, now. Traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops. Without precise calculations, we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova. That’d end our trip real quick…

We’re still weeks away.

But, before the House of Wolves begins its own descent through the stratosphere with precious cargo in tow, you can expect another Destiny Update to come in for a landing.


“What’s in the box!?” you demand. The work of an air-traffic controller is never done.

I’m going to monitor their flight plan for one more week. Now’s not the time to put an ETA on arrivals. Right this minute, the best I can do is to make promises about future information.

“Awwww, man! Are these updates about to become useless again?”

I’m pretty confident that the weeks to come will play host to a very interesting conversation.

  • We’ll start rolling out exactly what’s being loaded up for 1.1.2
  • You’ll meet the people doing a lot of the work to bring updates to Destiny

This week exists in a space between updates… an update within a series of updates. Even an air-traffic controller gets a coffee break. Watch the skies, because we have more birds inbound for you to enjoy.


To the MOON!

We’ve had a ton of fun with these Ride Alongs on Twitch. If you haven’t aimed your browser at one yet, you’re missing out on guided tours of the warzones you know, led by the artists who built them. You can find them up on YouTube if you want to get caught up on the series.


Next up, we’re headed to the Moon. World Artist Sam Jones will be on hand to show us the seeds of the Lunar colony. TerraMantis will be along for the ride to lend his unique expertise about the stories that pockmark the surface of Earth’s closest neighbor.

Follow us on Twitch, and tune in tomorrow at 4:00 PM Pacific.