Weekly Update 4.16.15

Published on: Apr 16, 2015 @ 17:41

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“Open the Reef to the Guardians!”

The House of Wolves has been revealed with a new prologue trailer. Seen it?

You’re invited to visit The Reef with us next week.

House of Wolves Reveal Stream

The Reef – Gear Upgrades

Wednesday, April 22nd

11 AM Pacific


Join us for a walking tour of the Vestian Outpost. Meet the vendors with whom you’ll trade bravery for treasure. Learn about their motivations and objectives.

Creative Director Christopher Barrett will be your guide. Special community guest Gothalion will ask the questions about what the next expansion to Destiny means for all of us.


We’ll tackle these burning curiosities:

  • Who will issue our new walking orders?
  • What do we stand to gain from this alliance?
  • What will happen to our existing gear?
  • Will we ever want to visit the Tower again? [Hint: Yes!]


It’s been a busy week for Destiny news, so this update was admittedly light. We’re hard at work planning the events that will bring you into the sweet, purple glow of The Reef. Please don’t worry about being starved for details. Week over week, we’ll serving up delicious chiclets of information about the House of Wolves.

All will be revealed.


Bounties, Blades, and Logins

In Update 1.1.2, Bungie has added new audio controls that can be found under the Settings tab. These controls have some settings worth noting. You can read up on these settings in our 1.1.2 Audio Guide.

Players have reported that they are unable to find Blades of Crota on Moon Patrols. If you’re still looking for the Blades of Crota, you can still find them in the Fist of Crota mission.

There has been some confusion regarding reward packages in the Postmaster. Please note, new deliveries sent to a full Postmaster inbox can trigger erroneous notifications. We have added additional Vault space. Grab some rewards from the Postmaster and use your expanded Vault today.

We recently updated the Microsoft authentication path for Bungie.net to require an associated Xbox Live Gamertag via www.xbox.com. This change in authentication will help enable Xbox One friends to be visible on web and the Companion App. It goes live on Monday.