Weekly Reset Guide

Note: All King’s Fall challenge modes are available!



Brawler, Void Burn, Grounded and Trickle

What a fun nightfall this is going to be… not. Trickle is almost universally hated, but having Void Burn will balance it slightly. Make sure you stay on the ground, watch out for Minotaurs and Cyclopses, get your Dark Drinker ready.


Subclass Builds

Warlock: Voidwalker is the obvious shoe in, but combatting Trickle is always difficult, and I would not be relying on abilities – bar one. Put your Ram on, all your melee’s (with Brawler, no less) will trigger life steal, which is going to be invaluable here. For the rest of your build; Axion Bolt/Scatter are both good options, Soul Rip for your melee. I’d go with The Hunger and Bloom, here, Annihilate and Angry Magic are going to be terribly situational and rarely used, and whilst Embrace the Void is a good option, this strike has a few trash mobs that Bloom is going to destroy. Use a Bad Juju with your legendary void sword all the way up to the boss to combat Trickle, throw your Nova at yellow bars where you can, generate orbs for you allies!

Titan: A tough choice, but the Bubble is going to be my choice here. I am going to mention, here, that Sunbreaker with Simmering Flames active is excellent for combatting Trickle, but here’s my reasoning behind the Bubble Titan; you can generate tonnes of orbs for you allies, which means more for you, too. Suppressors are usually awesome, but I don’t know how much use they’re going to be, so I’ll be using Magnetic grenades this week. 

Use Blessing for the whole strike, switch to Armor for the Flayers section (wear your Helm of St. 14). Gift of Light, Relentless and Iron Harvest are the other options. Telesto for maximum orb potential on double kills, and the Void Edge (use excessively) for Iron Harvest orbs. When you get to the bosses, put your bubble over one to blind him, do DPS to the other two, then make sure everyone gets a hit on the blinded one (make sure he’s last to die) to make sure _everyone_ gets rewards.

Hunter: You know I love my wombo-combo, but here, it’s almost useless. Try and get your Discipline and Strength at the same tier, and you should usually have it at the same time. Void wall and Envenomed for the grenade/melee. Black Hole, combined with Light of the Pack to generate orbs as much as possible for your allies and Keen Scout for the enhanced radar. Not a great deal you can do with the Hunter this week, honestly, until you can generate orbs. Just be a vacuum for your Titan’s orb generation and tether as much as you can. Any items with extra grenade energy is going to help, and an artefact with void grenades generating orbs is going to help too.

All classes: As you can see, this nightfall is all about combatting Trickle and taking advantage of your orb generation potential. A high impact sniper for your Warlock and Hunter is going to be necessity for the Cyclops section (if it is Cyclopses!). Wear your Void Burn armour, and try and stay alive!


Weekly Heroics

Solar Burn, Berserk, Small Arms

Recommended Subclass and Builds

Warlock: Sunsinger, Solar Grenade, Song of Flame, Radiant Will, Touch of Flame, Sunbreakers. Burn the world. Burn it all. Seriously, just throw your solar grenades everywhere. Optionally, change Radiant Will for Viking funeral, especially for bosses. Song of Flame so your allies can throw their ‘nades everywhere at the same time. If you’re solo queueing, change this to Radiant Skin. No Catapult this week, so max your discipline out!

Hunter: Gunslinger, Incendiary Grenades, Incendiary Blade, Deadeye, Gunslinger’s Trance, Chain of Woe, Celestial Nighthawk. You’re the glass cannon here, but you can make it work.

Titan: Sunbreaker, whichever grenade you’re most comfortable with, Forgemaster, Flameseeker, Simmering Flames, Immolation Fists (for the Explosive Fire perk). Recovery is something you can get through your subclass, so no Cauterise this week. Simmering Flames will give you more grenades to use, which on a solar burn week, is awesome!

All classes: Your primary will play a big role this week. Use it to your advantage; high impact, like Hand Cannons or Scout Rifles. High impact solar sniper and Raze Lighter are going to be golden, again. For strikes that are closer in range, use a solar shotgun.


Challenge of Elders

Catapult, Juggler, Grenade Kill Bonus

Here’s the thing. Juggler makes no difference at all this week because if you’re using your weapons this week, you’re doing it wrong. Catapult and grenade kill bonus, also known as the amazing first week of CoE is my absolute favourite. I pulled two people through who got less that 3k score each in the first week, while getting over 40k myself.

Subclasses and Builds

Warlock: There’s two here, but the one I recommend is this: Voidwalker, Scatter Grenades, Nothing Manacles, Life Steal, The Hunger and Embrace the Void. Throw one grenade and get a kill, and it’ll give you 3-4 more grenades. Every time. And with every new grenade kill, the energy drain timer rests to get you 3-4 more grenades! It’s… terrific. And if you run out of grenades by not getting a kill?

Use your melee, it’ll restart your energy drain timer. It’s actually ridiculous. High impact sniper for the bosses, keep your primary on while you’re grenade’ing things, and you’ll drop enough special to keep you going. The other option here is Sunsinger, Solar grenade, Sunbreakers, Radiant Skin for solo, Song of Flame for a team (more ‘nades for them too), Radiant Will and Angle of Light (Touch of Flame DOES NOT count as a grenade kill, and Sunbreakers get you the extra grenade as well as extended duration!).

Titan: I’d be hitting Thermite grenades here, especially where the enemies spawn in predictable ways. Titan grenades are a little weak otherwise. Melting Point for the bosses, Simmering Flames for MOAR GRENADES. E-Z.

Hunter: Swarm Grenades with a Celestial Nighthawk Gunslinger is an option, otherwise Nightstalker with Voidwall or Vortex grenades. Blood Bound is actually a fantastic tactic: tether a group together, use your grenade, all the enemies take the damage and you’re credited for the grenade kill! Alternatively, tether them all, let someone else grenade them, and you get assist points for all of them too. More points!