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Voice Chat Beta – Nov 18

Published on: Nov 13, 2014 @ 18:22

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Players of Destiny have been asking to speak to the players they meet through Matchmaking. Even if your teammates have not been able to hear you, we have at Bungie. With development complete on a new social feature, we’re delivering a solution that will bring Guardians closer together.

To protect the immersive experience of exploring the wild, our philosophies for in-game chat still rely heavily on the notion of consent.

“We believe that requiring players to opt-in to chat leads to more friendly environments,” says Bungie Design Lead M.E. Chung.

[divider]Opt-in Voice Channels

As part of Destiny Update 1.0.3, scheduled for deployment on November 18th, you will have access to two options for talking to the Guardians with whom you fight.


Fireteam Chat

Since launch, you’ve been able to use Fireteam Chat to speak to the Guardians included in your pre-formed party. This includes players who join you in orbit before you begin an activity together. Fireteam Chat is signified by the speaker icon.

Team Chat

After the update, you’ll be able to join a new channel that will provide for Team Chat. This will include the players you meet via Matchmaking, as well as members of your Fireteam who make the same selection. This option will be available in any matchmade activity – including Strikes and in team-based Crucible matches. Team Chat is signified by the megaphone icon.

[divider]Team Chat Availability

Upon landing in an activity where opt-in voice is enabled, you’ll receive a notification that says Team voice chat now available. Look to the lower left of your screen for the prompt.


When a player accesses the channel, you’ll see a prompt that says [Player] has entered the Team voice channel. That’s your invitation to join them.

[divider]Joining Team Chat

If Team Chat is available, it can be accessed at any point in time by going into Navigation Mode in Destiny. As always, you activate that menu by deploying your Ghost.


Once in Navigation Mode, you will see the user interface for channel selection. The lower right of your screen will contain the following:

  • Directional button icons
  • Highlights for available chat options
  • Text for current channel
  • Icons for current channel


To deactivate the public option and retreat to a more private corner with friends who have joined your Fireteam, just revert back to Fireteam Chat using the same Navigation Mode menu. At any time, the channel you’re using will be displayed in the lower right. You can always toggle between channels using the highlighted directional buttons.

[divider]Team Chat Errors

If voice options are unavailable, it could be that you’re connected to a party chat service tied to your console. To benefit from the new Team Chat voice feature, you’ll need to be using the Destiny game channel. A player using a platform-specific channel will see a different prompt in the lower right of the user interface. You may also be blocked from using Team Chat if your networking settings are not properly configured.

[divider]Voice Chat Settings

As with everything in Destiny, your Settings menu will enable you to establish your preferences. You will have two options under VOICE. Choose the one that best suits your style of play.


Manually Opt-in (Default)

This is the default option. When playing a game, you will need to deliberately enter Navigation Mode to select Team Chat. Each member of a pre-formed party must select this option on their own.

Automatic Opt-in When Solo

With this option, you’ll be automatically added to the Team Chat channel when you’re alone. The automated toggle will not happen if you’re keeping the company of a friend in your Fireteam. That would separate you from them, and no one likes to be separated from their friends.

[divider]Talking to Strangers

The roll-out of this new feature is a chance for us to collect feedback on its functionality. Please share with us your experiences. The Bungie.net forum is always open to your thoughts, reports, and opinions.

Of course, Bungie cannot guarantee the quality of the teammates we’ll match you with in Destiny. If that were the case, none of these filters would be necessary! In the event that you encounter a player who is toxic to your experience, simply revert back to Fireteam Chat or use your console-specific interface to Mute or Report them.

It is our hope that this new feature exposes you to people who will enhance your experience. Destiny was envisioned as a game that will bring players together for surprise encounters. With the right options in play, those moments can lead to friendships and alliances that will serve you for years to come!

Good hunting out there.