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Trials & Iron Banner Gear + Bounties

Published on: Sep 11, 2015 @ 18:54

The next time we’re able to play Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, the weapons and armor will be completely updated. This article will outline these new items, perks, and the new Crucible bounties.


Trials of Osiris

Brother Vance will welcome competitors back to the Reef on October 16.

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  • Trials gear will now drop exclusively as end-of-match rewards for winning teams.
    • The more you win, the better those drops will be!
    • There’s no need to return to Brother Vance, all rewards come directly to you.
  • Passage Coins still drop for the losing team. Trials is still about winning, but Coins can help make that easier.
  • Trials Passages now have a Details page containing your active buffs. You won’t be able to add buffs once you’ve started your Trial, so make sure you buy them first!
  • Players that go undefeated on their Passage will continue to be invited to The Lighthouse.
  • Players may continue to play in the Trials past 9 wins (but they won’t get any better gear).
  • Brother Vance now has Trials Bounties available each weekend to provide players with a way to get sweet Trials gear, even if they’re not reaching the Lighthouse.
  • Regular Crucible Bounties are also still valid in Trials.
  • We will attempt to match up teams with similar win counts.
    • If you have 1 win, we will try to match you with another team with only 1 win.
    • If you have 8 wins… yup.
  • If we can’t find a high-quality match, we will loosen the win requirements first (in other words, we will not prioritize “wins” over low-latency matches).
  • Overtime timer in Elimination will now show 0:00 instead of stopping at 0:01 when time expires.
  • Teammate and enemy Revives now have distinct audio cues.
  • Recommended minimum Light for Trials of Osiris: 290.
  • Only Guardians with at least 251 Light can lead a Fireteam.



Click on a weapon to see all its available perks and min/max stats. Their sights can alter their stats pretty dramatically.

All Adept weapons have the Last Resort perk – This weapon handles and reloads faster when the wielder is the last living player of their Fireteam.

Weapons Type Strength
The Water Star (Adept) Hand Cannon RoF, Reload, AA
Doctrine of Passing (Adept) Auto Rifle RoF
Reflection Sum (Adept) Pulse Rifle Stability
The Inward Lamp (Adept) Scout Rifle RoF
Glass Promontory Sniper Rifle RoF, Range, Reload
Elevating Vision Fusion Rifle Impact
Binary Dawn Shotgun Impact
The Tamarind Rocket Launcher Reload, Velocity
The Unseeing Eye Machine Gun Impact, Stability


Warlock Hunter Titan
Blind Jackal Mask

Winged Sun Vestments

Winged Sun Gloves

Winged Sun Boots

Burning Eye Mask

Winged Sun Vest

Winged Sun Sleeves

Winged Sun Legs

Golden Bull Mask

Winged Sun Plate

Winged Sun Gauntlets

Winged Sun Greaves



Iron Banner

Lord Saladin will welcome competitors back to the Tower on October 13.

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  • The tempered buff is now automatically applied and continues to grow in effectiveness each day of the event.
  • The alt catch-up buff and Iron Medallion mechanics are unchanged.
  • Potential match completion rewards now include both weapons and armor, matching the same items available from Lord Saladin during each event.
  • Drop rates have been increased and are intended to be the primary source of rewards from Iron Banner. If you don’t get what you’re hoping for, you have the option to visit Lord Saladin instead.
  • Gear purchased from Lord Saladin now requires Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer.
  • New emblems have been added to his inventory.
  • All new bounties including 9 Daily bounties (3 per day) and 3 new Weekly bounties which reward Legendary Marks.
  • Recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner: 230.
  • Only Level 40 Guardians can lead a Fireteam.



Click on a weapon to see all its available perks and min/max stats.

Name Type Strength
Finnala’s Peril Hand Cannon Impact
Haakon’s Hatchet Auto Rifle Reload, AA
Nirwen’s Mercy Pulse Rifle Stability
Colovance’s Duty Scout Rifle Impact, Range
Weyloran’s March Sniper Rifle RoF, AA
Ashraven’s Flight Fusion Rifle Impact, Range
Ironwreath-D Sidearm Stability, Reload
Deidris’s Retort Shotgun RoF, Reload
Tormod’s Bellows Rocket Launcher Velocity, Reload
Bretomart’s Stand Machine Gun Impact, Stability


Trials & IB helmets have the “Angel of Mercy” perk – gain bonus Super energy from reviving others.

Warlock Hunter Titan
Iron Companion Hood

Iron Companion Vestments

Iron Companion Gloves

Iron Companion Legs

Wolfswood Bond

Skorri’s Dirge

Iron Companion Mask

Iron Companion Vest

Iron Companion Sleeves

Iron Companion Boots

Wolfswood Cloak

Efrideet’s Eye

Iron Companion Helm

Iron Companion Plate

Iron Companion Gauntlets

Iron Companion Greaves

Wolfswood Mark

Radegast’s Blade