Trespasser First Impressions

The Trespasser, Shiro-4’s favored weapon, has started dropping from Exotic Special Weapon Engrams. 

Now before you get all excited and go turn in 39 Exotic Engrams, a word of caution: RNG is still at play, and base Light Levels for drops (aside from the odd pair of boots) will not increase until September 20th. And if you think 39 is an oddly specific number, well, the person whose luck never turned knows who they are.


Stat-wise, it appears to have higher Impact, and a Range in the 30’s, which is actually pretty rough for Sidearms. The damage drop-off on these guns is brutal, so every point of reach counts.

Other than that, it’s pretty typical of Sidearms with very high Rate of Fire, Stability, and Reload Speed. We don’t have access to Aim Assist and other hidden stats yet, so we can’t know anything for sure. But it it’s similar to the Dreg’s Promise, its base Aim Assist may be as low as 70, but given the Intrinsic perk “BE THE DANGER” reference “deadly accuracy”, it’s more likely closer to the 89 of New Monarchy’s Conviction II if not higher. However, since Sureshot IS is a possible sight, it seems unlikely the base Aim Assist could exceed 95 (Sureshot adds +5 Aim Assist).

Speaking of perks, we have a decent selection. Here’s the full list:

Exotic I

  • BE THE DANGER: This weapon fires bursts of bullets with deadly accuracy.


  • Fastdraw IS
  • Steadyhand IS
  • Sureshot IS

Column I

  • Relentless Tracker

Column II

  • Hand Loaded
  • Reinforced Barrel
  • Quickdraw

Exotic II

  • UNREPENTANT: Reloading after a kill causes the next burst to be a longer, more powerful superburst.


Unrepentant, the final Exotic Perk, gives you about 5 seconds to pull the trigger and unleash a 6 round burst. Based on gameplay, it doesn’t look like it increases the damage though. As far as perk selection, if you’re lucky enough to have grabbed this gun already, I would recommend picking a sight you’re comfortable with (I like Sureshot for the handling and Aim Assist bonuses), and choosing Reinforced Barrel. The small Stability loss is well worth the extra Range here.

So how does the gun actually handle?

Crucible performance is decent. The damage is acceptable, but the drop-off is brutal, forcing you to play very close to shotgun Range. That might be alright if landing two-burst kills was something you could do with some consistency at that distance, but so far it looks extremely challenging to pull that off.

You might try taking it into PVE instead, but the amount of ammo it burns through is both impressive and problematic. At least then you’d be able to use those Superbursts more often.

Are you among the lucky few to have pulled a Trespasser already? Share your impressions in the comments below!