First Look: Destiny Treasure Maps!

Published on: Nov 5, 2014 @ 0:00

Treasure maps and clues are coming! As you can see in the exclusive images below, these brand new database entries reveal new mission types, with items known as “Treasure Maps.”

These are most likely coming in the House of Wolves expansion.[divider]

X Marks the Spot

It’s unclear exactly how Treasure Maps will work, but they seem to be some sort of mission – (some?) with clues – that will eventually lead to various rewards.

We update our database every 10 minutes so we can see brand new items such as these. To give you an idea of what these currently look like, here are a few of the items:

destiny treasure
First look at Treasure Maps

As you can see, even with the lack of a proper description, there are currently Uncommon, Legendary, and Exotic “Treasure Map” items as well as a few “maps_clue” items to help us find the treasure. The Treasure Maps are designated as Missions in the database.

These could turn out to be really simple “search and find” missions similar to finding a Dead Ghost, or more complex activities that will have us looking for, killing, and/or uncovering lore that’d eventually lead to a reward. It’s reasonable to assume that the higher tier treasure map missions will be more difficult & provide better rewards.

I’m most excited to see what the Exotic Treasure Maps will bring – maybe the Exotic ship?

[divider]Treasure Rewards

treasure ships
Ships appear to be at least one potential reward possibility

Again, since these items aren’t even completed yet, we don’t know much about the rewards of the ‘Treasure Map’ missions. However, I’d be shocked if these ships weren’t potential rewards:

Obviously the names and descriptions are incomplete, but it looks like Ships are going to be at least one of the possible rewards from Treasure Maps.

[divider]We’ll Let You Know

When these Treasure Map items have actual names and descriptions we’ll definitely let you guys know about it!

Hopefully the descriptions will give us some insight into what type of tasks we’ll need to accomplish.

Are you excited to learn more about these new mission types? What do you think will be rewarded for completing the Exotic missions?