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The Sunless Cell Nightfall Guide

If the week’s burdens left your coffers dry, fear not. Nightfall’s come free. Destiny is one of those games that lives up to the reputation it sells. It is a social experience that definitely grows on you if you’re not too careful.

This week’s foray involves is the Darkblade. A strike that received a lot of attention upon release and has continued to enjoy a moderate degree of appreciation among fanatics.

Berserk is a mod that lends itself most to Destiny’s mythos. Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after you hit them with all you’ve got. In other words, if you’ve grown too comfortable with the  IB Pulse Rifle as of late, you may have to find a new purview.

Small Arms is basically the opposite of Specialist. Primary Weapon damage is favored. This can manifest itself as an overreliance on your primary so you should keep a watchful eye on ammo during this outing.

Chaff is probably the most debilitating. Your radar is disabled so knowledge of the map becomes all the more useful.

Airborne is tricky. Unless you fancy yourself a jump-sniper, this mod only ever comes into play if you have an inkling for running and shooting. The jump pads scattered all over the map can make for some interesting tactics but don’t rely on their efficacy.

Destiny is awash with technique. Stay awhile, listen and you might just pick up on a few things.