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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Dec 4, 2015 @ 03:55


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He’s located in the Tower Hangar now.

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Telesto Yes 23
Special Y1 Weapon Maybe 31
Ruin Wings (28/41 DISC, 27/40 STR) Titan Yes 13
Skyburners Annex (33/48 INT, 33/48 DISC) Hunter Yes 13
THE STAG (35/50 DISC, 31/46 STR) Warlock Maybe 13


Ruin Wings464ac444cc042985fcfe211e2051ccc8

  • 28/41 Discipline
  • 27/40 Strength

Worth Buying?

The Ruin Wings are a must have for Destiny’s PvE. I’ve said it resoundingly since their release with high A tier. As we’ve seen with certain challenges this week (looking at you, solo Oryx!), having Heavy Ammo when it counts can mean the difference between life and death.

Because Ruin Wings afford you the greatest opportunity to lean on your Heavy Weapons, despite the occasional perk bugginess, they still represent one of the bext Exotics available for Titans in this game. For those moments when you’re not interested in a flashy ability perk and just want the RNG odds to be in your favor on ammo bricks, Ruin Wings should be your pick.df

Twist Fate? Maybe

Ruin Wings are a bit of a wild card, with no “locked down” perks, so prepare to have everything shuffled when you twist your fate. I’m actually okay with the current roll…ish. Machin Gun Loader is really solid if you run anything but a Cocoon weapon, but as most of us do use that, you might want to aim for the tried-and-true Sniper Reload. Paramuscular Armature is the best option for the middle column, and Sunbreakers will prefer Int/Str, while Strikers/Defenders might want to opt for Int/Disc.


Skyburners Annex8337580d246e517903ef8d2f5b87bbe2

  • 33/48 Intellect
  • 33/48 Discipline

Worth Buying?

This helm doubles down on what the class, or at least, what Nighstalkers are already used for: Orb generation. The chance for an orb is roughly 50% or more from anecdotal experience, and when you’re chewing through enemies with a Sword while they’re fated to death with Blood Bound, your team will be staggered by the amount of Orbs you suddenly have for them on the field. And when they return the favor by cleaning house with their Supers, every orb you pick up beyond your Super being full has a chance to grant Special ammo.

As a few extra Sniper shots can often make or break your DPS phases, and you’ll hold a Nightstalker tether for certain occasions anyway, Skyburners Annex is well-designed, and I would probably give it a low A or high B tier for PvE. It’s really a close one.

Twist Fate? Yes

Nightstalkers will want to run Int/Str. Ashes to Asset is vastly inferior to the all-around Inverse Shadow (the secondary Heavy Lifting isn’t terrible), and Invigoration, while nice for smoke bombs, is probably better replaced with either Better Already or Infusion. The idea is to get your Super up as often as possible for its synergy with Skyburners intrinsic perk, so IS is the important one here.


THE STAG1aee2cb010a0bebda7eb3387b0c5c948

  • 33/50 Discipline
  • 31/46 Strength

Worth Buying?

This Exotic is a disappointment. In PvE, aside from being a rerollable helmet, its usefuness is basically zilch. You’ll only be respawning when recovering from a wipe or by the grace of a teammate, and the chance for an Overshield and the short durtaion it lasts will not be relevant in your success in any content whatsoever. As for its other perk, granting your Super a little extra recharge is also hardly anything to get excited about.

If your entire fireteam has wiped, chances are your run is shot already. In a Nightfall, this could be useful for Sunsingers looking to get Fireborn up quickly for a suicide revive, but if your teammates laugh at you for taking it into the Raid, don’t get mad at them. The STAG is a C tier in PvE. Your mileage in PvP may vary, but it certainly seems more designed for this arena.

Twist Fate? Yes

If you want to use this in PvE, at least get it Inverse Shadow. Something something synergy with intrinsic perk, something something making the most of a bad situation.