xur worth buying taikonaut review

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xur is located across from the Speaker.

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Helmet Yes 19
Legacy Exotic Gauntlet 29
The Taikonaut Titan Any Yes 13
Skyburners Annex Hunter Any Maybe 13
Claws of Ahamkara Warlock Any Maybe 13


The Taikonautf28523f56de25b2f6c5c56acb9d4b9a5

Reminiscent of the human astronauts who first discovered the Traveller on Mars, the Taikonaut’s old-school vibe brings with it a handy exotic perk. If a Launcher lacks tracking, Taikonaut adds it for no charge whatsoever. Dragon’s Breath pairs well with this helm.

However, if you’ve got a G&H baby that needs that little edge in PvE, the Taikonaut does nice things. It also increases the rate of Heavy Ammo drops, which has been known to be inconsistent on Exotics (see: Ruin Wings). You’ll still want boots with +Rocket Launcher ammo, so you can get 2 rockets guaranteed on a pickup, and store enough to justify an Exotic that focuses solely on them.

In PvE, heavy ammo can be the difference in a team-wipe or not, so having more is certainly fantastic. In PvP, tracking rockets paired with Grenades & Horseshoes make it very difficult to miss. Plus, HMGs have a long time to aim down sights, and in game modes like Control, the extra radar can create some crazy killing sprees. The Taikonaut is must-buy for Titans.

“Radar remains visible while zooming with Heavy Weapons” can be useful in PvP too. With MGs and their slow movement/long ADS times often meaning the difference between a kill and a death.


Skyburners Annex8337580d246e517903ef8d2f5b87bbe2 (1)

The ultimate helm for team play, granting you even more orbs as a Nightstalker – which, incidentally, is the class you should use this as.

Blood Bound + Skyburners Annex + Light of the Pack + Bolt Caster/Sleeper Simulant/Quillum’s Terminus = GG. If you’re one who hangs onto your Super in PvP, it has some interesting use as a second reservoir of Special Ammo for when your teammates spawn orbs for you.

The chance for an orb is roughly 50% or more from anecdotal experience, and when you’re chewing through enemies with a Sword while they’re fated to death with Blood Bound, your team will be staggered by the amount of Orbs you suddenly have for them on the field. And when they return the favor by cleaning house with their Supers, every orb you pick up beyond your Super being full has a chance to grant Special ammo.


Claws of Ahamkara35e8709cbaa24450927cf52552c730e1

These universal Gauntlets are just flat-out good. The Warlock has never been at a loss for a potent melee, between the Voidwalker’s grenade-forward Energy Drain, Sunsinger’s Flame Shield, and now the scary powerful Thunderstrike.

Getting a second melee charge that can be conserved for tough moments is extremely useful in PvE – but you will probably be smacking less in general for fear of losing it. These get the A tier in PvE for their sheer versatility. A strong innate perk with zero downsides.