King’s Fall Raid Gear & Perks

Published on: Sep 10, 2015 @ 01:53 This article will outline what we know about King’s Fall so far, including its gear, challenge modes, and some helpful items to help you score more loot! [divider] Armor The Harrowed set is from ‘hard mode’ and most likely has an increased Light rating, in addition to its cosmetic changes. Warlock Hunter Titan Mouth of Ur (Harrowed) Chasm of Yuul (Harrowed) Darkhollow Mask (Harrowed) Darkhollow Chiton (Harrowed) War Numen’s Crown (Harrowed) War Numen’s Chest (Harrowed) Grasp of Eir (Harrowed) Darkhollow Grasps (Harrowed) War Numen’s Fist (Harrowed) Path of Xol (Harrowed) Darkhollow Treads (Harrowed) War Numen’s Boots (Harrowed) Bond of the Wormlore? Darkhollow Mantle War Numen’s