Game Modes in Destiny

Bungie has updated their site with a list of playable game-modes in Destiny. They have 5 game modes listed and a mystery mode that has yet to be revealed, although evidence points to it being “Raids” (Above). [divider] Crucible (Competitive Multiplayer) Enter the Crucible to hone your competitive skills against other Guardians in arenas that span the solar system. Victory will earn you rewards and reputation. [toggle title=”Crucible Gameplay” state=”close” ] More gameplay here[/toggle] [divider] Explore (On-Demand Adventure) Revisit the worlds you have discovered to aid the City in their exploration efforts, seek out valuable resources in order to

Story Mission Gameplay MegaPost

Dozens of new story mode gameplay videos have just been released, I will post them all to this article throughout the day. Also be sure to check out the Destiny multiplayer gameplay mega-post here [divider] The Tower Ninja visits the tower [yframe url=’–sy5wcQBHI’] Tower Walkthrough [yframe url=’’] Ship Customization in the Tower [yframe url=’’] [divider] Explore Mode Alpha Gameplay – Patrol (Open Exploration Area) [yframe url=’′] Free-Roam [yframe url=’′] [divider] Strike Gameplay TTL Plays Devil’s Lair: 35-Minute Gameplay [yframe url=’’] Devils Lair Strike Part-1 [yframe url=’’] [divider] Story Mode 55-Min Alpha Gameplay [yframe url=’’] Alpha Titan Gameplay! The Dark Within

Multiplayer Gameplays and Livestreams!

Check out the first official footage of Destiny Alpha multiplayer gameplay right here! There are so many amazing details to talk about, but it will take some time to go more in-depth. Share this article with your friends to show them how awesome Destiny’s PvP is going to be. [divider] Streams: DBO Sunday_is_over TTL_ Pony Ninja SunBurned Goose Ash [divider] GAMEPLAYS [yframe url=’′] [yframe url=’’] [yframe url=’′] [yframe url=’’] [yframe url=’’] [yframe url=’’] [yframe url=’’]

New HD Images & Enemy Trailers

Check out the new enemy trailers as well as a load of new HD screenshots featured in the gallery below. [toggle title=”Fallen Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Vex Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Cabal Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ][/toggle] [toggle title=”Hive Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle]

Alpha Opens Thursday for all PS4 Owners

Destiny just premiered as the first act in Sony’s huge E3 press conference. The stream is currently still going on, but you can watch Destiny coverage again at the 23:40 mark in the Sony E3 stream. New Beginnings Trailer [yframe url=’’] Beta Date Destiny Beta begins July 17th for Playstation players. July 21st for Xbox players. Playable Alpha Announced Destiny Alpha available for all PS4 users starting this Thursday (June 12th) and will be playable until the end of the weekend (3-days). You can sign up for the Alpha here.  Destiny PS4 Bundle Exclusive white Destiny PS4 Bundle. Comes with

Destiny’s Activity Structure Explained

One of Bungie’s lead designers on Destiny, Luke Smith, commented on a Neogaf thread in response to the leaked alpha gameplay. His comment helps clarify the way in which Destiny is broken down into different activities. [divider] Luke Smith’s Post: There’s a lot of confusion here, and we haven’t done the best job ever of explaining the game or its structure. I’m Luke, and I’m one of the lead designers on Destiny. First, Destiny is structured into Activities. We’ve attempted to build a suite of activities that can suit a variety of moods (I want something challenging! I want to