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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: July 31, 2015 @ 3:24

Xûr has arrived! What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?



Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
SUROS Regime Auto Rifle 23
No Backup Plans (97/103 STR) Titan Defender Gauntlets 13
Knucklehead Radar (100/106 STR) Hunter Any Helmet 13
Claws of Ahamkara (55/58 DISC, 54/68 STR) Warlock Any Gauntlets 13

You can also try your luck with the Exotic Helm Engram.

[divider]SUROS Regime

This is still one of the best ARs in the game, but until ARs are improved in general, it’s probably best to use something else. With the AR buff that’s coming, it’s absolutely worth holding onto this!

Check out how we place it in our PvP and PvE Exotic tier list, and we’ve also got an updated review for it.

Should I buy it?

SUROS is designed to keep you in the game longer, and it does this well. It is one of the easiest-to-control auto rifles in the game though, so if you’re an AR fan, this is definitely a decent option in PvP.

In PvE we can’t recommend it though. As a primary Exotic in PvE, the only word that can be used to describe it is.. disappointing. Unless you stubbornly love it – and with its look, who could blame you? – you’re better off using almost any other Primary, Special, or Heavy Exotic.

In PvP, it can still hang with the pack, while no longer being the weapon of choice for those who top the leaderboards. Its unfortunate that its trajectory has been straight down since its introduction, but we have high hopes SUROS might one day return to the limelight.


  • Above Average: Impact, Range, Stability
  • Below Average: Reload Speed

Notable Perks

  • Focused Fire: When zoomed, this weapon fires slower, but causes additional damage.
  • SUROS Regime: The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to return health when dealing damage.

[divider]No Backup Plans75feb901adf3083874df463ad714b87a

These gauntlets ranked #2 in our PvP & PvE Titan Exotic tier list, but that’s not to say you should buy them, especially if you’re low on Coins.

The 97/103 Strength roll is average, maxing out at around 121.


  • Special Weapon Loader – Increases the reload speed of all Special Weapons.
  • Rain Blows – Increases melee attack speed.
  • Improved Disintegrate – Increases the duration of Force Barrier.

Should I buy it?

These gauntlets are designed around doing one thing: With a pure Strength roll and a signature ability that increases Force Barrier duration, you’re only going to find these worthwhile if you’re adept at scoring melee kills. Fortunately, Rain Blows will give you some leeway with your timing to assist in this. If you’re able to consistently deal finishing blows with Disintegrate, you will be hard to take down.

Ultimately, these gauntlets are average in every sense of the word, and honestly not worth for most situations.

[divider]Knucklehead Radared4a6735d477a5296fad9ec49fe9b144

Useful on either subclass, it can be invaluable in PvP for giving you extra awareness, while also helping out in PvE for quicker cooldowns.

The 100/106 Strength roll is below average, maxing out at 137.


  • Light the Blade – Causing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.
  • Inverse Shadow – Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness.
  • Sensor Pack – Radar remains visible while aiming Primary Weapons.

Should I buy it?

This helm is amazing for those who like to switch their weapon loadouts around. Sensor Pack is useful in PvP: you’re able to see your radar while looking down the sights of primary weapons (MIDA Multi-tool and Patience and Time have a similar perk).

Being able to see your radar while ADS lends itself well to all playstyles, and all formats of the Crucible.

The downside to Knucklehead Radar is that Inverse Shadow does not work outside of PvE, which means it’s a useless perk in PvP. Furthermore, Sensor Pack will rarely be necessary in PvE, making it basically useless in PvE.

In PvP you’re left with the increased awareness from your radar and a melee cooldown from grenade damage. For newer players this is a wonderful helm to use until you have better map knowledge and awareness.

[divider]Claws of Ahamkara5fc5f43d754c8e70703e4d7022d762fb

Subclass-neutral and very strong for the melee-centric Warlock.

These gauntlets have a respectable split roll of 55/58 Discipline and 54/68 Strength.


  • Special Weapon Loader – Increases the reload speed of all Special Weapons.
  • Snap Discharge – Increases melee attack speed.
  • The Whispers – Gain an additional charge for Scorch and Energy Drain.

Should I buy it?

The Warlock melee is arguably the most versatile in Destiny, and having two charges that can be doled out faster than normal makes it even better. If your melee ability isn’t up, these will help you squeeze out in a close quarters fight.

The increased reload to special weapons is also handy for just about every situation, and like all of the Exotic gauntlets, it’ll reduce the reload speed by about .7 seconds.

What makes these especially awesome, is that they’re equally useful for both subclasses. I’d prefer to use these on a Sunsginer for the extra Flame Shield though, but it’s just personal preference.

Having a perk benefit both subclasses is very rare with Exotic pieces of gear,and it’s nice because you can choose which you prefer. It maintains a perfect balance between the two, so players have complete flexibility over which class to play and won’t be left with a useless Exotic if they wish to change subclass.