Super Good Advice: 10 Rise of Iron Tips

On Decryption

For A Quick Boost to Light Level (thanks, /u/akatsukix)

Buy a Ghost from the Vanguard Rep before decoding any engrams. It comes at 350 light. Then buy the class item from the Speaker or from Shiro-4, which also comes at 350 light. There you go! Now you can start decoding engrams at an instantly-higher light level.

Decrypt Cleverly

A new expansion means a higher light level. In this case, the new cap is 385. As you progress through the campaign, strikes, and crucible content accompanying the release, you’ll get new engrams dropping at higher light.

To maximize your growth, each time you decrypt a single engram, check it! If it gives you a light boost, equip it before moving onto the next engram. That way, you’re always decrypting at max light, which encourages the game to give you higher drops.

The Doldrums of 350 Light

Once you hit 350 Light, decoding engrams won’t guarantee higher light anymore. The best way to unlock higher-light equipment is to get it to drop from activities. This is an intentional “middle ground” in light progression. Cozmo had this to say:

As stated in the Patch Notes once you hit 350 Light you are going to have a 50% chance to get +1 Light items. It’s not optimal to sit at the Cryptarch solely decrypting Engrams. I talked with the Designers and they wanted to find a balance between letting you progress using your stored up Engrams, while also encouraging you to go play Activities to earn better gear. Go run some Strikes, play Supremacy, and check out Archon’s Forge to increase your Light.


On Inventory

Don’t Blow Your Marks

It’ll be tempting to infuse everything you own every time you get a slightly higher drop. Don’t do it right away! Just equip the upgrades you find, and use them to bump your light level and encourage even higher drops.

Remember the Glimmer Cap

Since you’ll be slaying countless enemies, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your glimmer. Destiny still doesn’t allow you to have more than 25000 glimmer in your account, which means you really ought to be spending it on something. For me? Weapon parts, weapon parts, weapon parts. With all the great new guns and the infusion fuel that came with ROI, you’re going to want them.

Also: save the House Banners/other consumable that you collect and don’t decrypt them while your glimmer is full.

Don’t Delete All Y2 Gear!

Remember how much fun it has been over the past few months to pull out those old Y1 guns for Crucible shenanigans? Resist the urge to delete all your stuff to make room for new stuff. If you’ve got duplicates or crap to get rid of, go for it, but if you have favorite weapons consider hanging on to them. More vault space is coming – we just don’t know when.


Archon’s Forge

Save Your Archon’s Forge Keys (SIVA offerings)

Save them until you KNOW you want to use them, because the Forge is currently a source of some frustration. Essentially, it’s not as user-friendly as the Court of Oryx.

  1. You can only carry one SIVA Offering at a time.
  2. Once you place your offering, you have a limited amount of time to enter the battlefield before it’s closed off, so jump right in. It is very possible for you and your fireteam to be locked out, resulting in failure.
  3. Once you enter the Forge, randoms cannot join you unless they have a Splicer Key. That means if you’ve got a tough offering, you’ll want a dedicated fireteam.
  4. If you die and are not revived by a fireteam member back onto the field, you are locked out. Don’t hit respawn!
  5. If you fail a trial, the Key disappears. You only get one shot.

And finally, #6: Yes, if you go inside the release domes as they close after an event you’ll die. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s tested that.

Kill Brood Mothers

When you enter the Plaguelands patrol, you’ll often encounter Hive Wizards referred to as “Brood Mothers.” Take the time to kill them! It’s easy, and they seem to always drop Splicer Keys, which you’ll need for everything from the Archon’s Forge to some of Rise of Iron’s hidden quests.



Felwinter Peak Jumping Puzzle

If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s possible to climb all the way to the top of Felwinter Peak. From where you spawn at the temple, turn left and start jumping up the rocks. Here’s some more advice: it is brutally hard. There’s a reward waiting for you, so good luck – you’ll need it.

Infinite Horn Relays! (thanks, /u/iCrazyPotato)

Expect this to get patched, but to get infinite horn relays do the following:

“Just grab yourself tons of the Gjallar Horns from the kiosks then dismantle them to get a Horn Relay. Keep doing it over and over to have as many as you want!”

Play at your own pace!

This one’s important. Whether you’re grinding for max light ASAP or you’re poking around the story, make sure you’re having fun. That’s the point, after all.