All Subclass Effective Ability Ranges

Whether you win or lose in the Crucible almost always comes down to a matter of inches and milliseconds. After great practice and time, we begin to instinctively “feel” the ranges at which our abilities can be best used. However, after countless hours of play, there are still times when we scratch our heads and say “that hit me from that far” or “how didn’t that hit him?”

Use the results below to better understand the capability of your opponent’s abilities as well as your own. You will quickly find a number of possibly eye-opening notes. For instance, did you know that the Matador 64 has a greater effective range (7.5m) than an Arcblade lunge (6m)? Or that the Spike grenade has the same effective length as a Lightning grenade (12m)?

Below you will find the effective distance graphs of the following: all nine subclasses, supers compared, grenades compared, and miscellaneous meta abilities & items.

Tests were conducted by having the target stand on a heavy/special ammo box while the tester would note the distance displayed beneath him/her.


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