Stranger Than Fiction: Taking Control

Published on: Jun 10, 2015 @ 19:49

Were you looking for some follow-up information on this week’s The Taken King leak, wild stories from the Destiny-sphere, and a few hilarious and downright jaw-dropping videos from users like you? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this latest Stranger Than Fiction, we’ve got perspectives on how The Hive King is poised to change the game completely, a Blade-Dance that went horribly wrong (or right, depending on who you are), and how you are Bungie’s secret weapon against evil-doers.

So grab a cold beverage, recline in your favorite chair, and get lost in some Destiny news that is truly Stranger than Fiction.


Adding Insult to Injury

We’ve all been there. A match in the Crucible just doesn’t go our way. A missplaced grenade here, a poorly timed jump there, and those blasted Blade-Dancers flying in our faces with their golden glows and smug smiles.

It’s okay, there are support groups out there for people like us.

But no support group will admit poor Reddit user Crux_of_Scrota. Why? Because his Crucible match was so bad that it no longer exists.

That’s right, Bungie has apparently removed all record that it ever happened, and it’s all because a glitch caused a single Blade-Dancer swipe to kill him 80 times.

Don’t believe us? Watch evidence of the match here. The Blade-Dancer who struck the hilarious and ill-fated blow posted his own perspective on it here.

So if you see the Crucible flooded with Blade-Dancers over the next few weeks while you curse with fists raised to the heavens, well… wait… that’s every match of the Crucible, so never mind.

Crucible, you so crazy…

Here’s a few more of the most interesting and helpful PvP-related things we’ve seen lately:


Whistleblowers Unite

Ever reported a player for bad behavior, good sportsmanship, or just total jerkery? So have we, and it often feels like yelling into black hole.

… But not anymore! Bungie has begun sending emails out to Destiny users who police the galaxy, thanking them for their watchful gaze. Twitter user Starrdlux got one of these messages and posted it for everyone to see.

Have you gotten something similar? It seems rather rare, and we’re sure Bungie is only sending these out when they’ve followed up to confirm misbehaving users, but if you’re the lucky recipient of something like this, let us know in the comments.

We promise we won’t start screaming, “BUT WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN!?” Mostly because there are Watchwomen too, and we don’t discriminate here.


Bungie’s Jaw-Dropping Earth

Everyone knows Destiny is gorgeous, but perhaps you didn’t realize just how much of it you miss each day.

After seeing Reddit user orangpelupa’s amazing time-lapse from the shores, wasted scrap heaps, and decaying buildings on Earth. You can find the video on Youtube here, along with a music track that just might make you cry – unless, of course, you’ve hardened your heart into an unbreakable stone to prepare for the Crucible.


Real Tower Sighted on Earth

It’s crazy, right? At least that’s what Reddit user Fuzzoff claims. He scanned the horizon line all along the Tower, compared it to various rumors that the mountain ranges seen in the distance resembled those of Chile, and he very confidently declared: Nope.

So where does he say the Tower would actually exist on Earth? Why, Pokhara, Nepal of course!

nepal tower destiny

I have my money on the Tower being just above the Atlantic Ocean. Why else would all those Guardians toss themselves off the edge of it day-in and day-out? It’s been the ultimate resort location for high divers going on 300 years now.


The Taken King Cometh

Less than a month ago, those dastardly Wolves revolted and left us to pick up their scent. We tasted the sweetness of victory and the refreshing breeze of positive change on the horizon for Destiny. And then the Taken King shook our shoulders, slapped our faces, and screamed, “But wait, there’s more!”

What will the expansion contain? Well, the internet is already full of speculation, but one thing’s for certain, we’ve got an amazing story opportunity on our hands.

Big daddy Oryx is angry. Angry that his son Crota was killed by a galaxy full of Guardians (over and over again). Imagine a father’s wrath at his sweet, though rather hideous, bundle of joy being torn to bits by every so-and-so that happens into the Hellmouth.

So while the Taken could simply be a brand new enemy, it’s highly unlikely. It seems far more probable that they will be altered creatures, quite literally “Taken” from their homes and transformed into something new – something born of Oryx’s cruel, churning wrath.

Perhaps those eerie cocoons lining the Hellmouth walls once held more than just Hive.

What we can be certain of is the immense opportunity Bungie has to flesh out the lore and character behind Oryx, arguably the central figure in so much of the conflict not just on the Moon, but on Earth. The entire House of Wolves is like a box of puppies outside the supermarket compared to him, and we’re excited to see what Bungie does when the alpha male comes to town.


Taken King, Taken Hearts

Can’t wait for more Destiny? Are you feeling the rush of Osiris’ Trials, or trudging through a dank prison filled with foes around every corner, or chasing down every Fallen ketch that dares land on our soil? We are too, and there’s only more to come.

Sound off in the comments with your own thoughts on The Taken King, strange things you’ve encountered in the cold recesses of space, and what you think Bungie has planned to take the already improved House of Wolves and make it shine even brighter.

This is, after all, the stuff that keeps us smiling, laughing, and punching our fists through walls in rage. It’s what we live for!

And for more stories from fellow Guardians, be sure to check out the rest of our Stranger Than Fiction series.