Solstice of Heroes 2020 Guide

It’s that time of the year again: Eva Levante is back in the Tower with shiny new loot and lots of bounties to complete. This article will break down how to upgrade and earn the new Magnificent Solstice armor.

If you prefer video, we have you covered!

To start, visit Eva Levante. She’ll give you your first piece of armor, the Solstice Helm, Mask or Hood (dependent on class). You’ll also pick up the quest “THE HOLIDAY BEGINS”. Get yourself to the returning EAZ (European Aerial Zone) to complete the first step. Once done, return to Eva. She’ll instruct you to visit the Statue of Heroes to meditate. Meditating at the Statue gives you the rest of the Drained (blue) set. The quest steps are below:

1. The Holiday Begins

The Solstice of Heroes is a holiday in which Guardians reflect on past battles and celebrate their many efforts to defend humanity. Eva Levante has returned to help usher in the festivities. Speak to Eva Levante in the Tower.

2. Trial in the Clouds

Ghost receives coordinates to a literal floating island somewhere off the coast of the Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone. It’s been cheekily dubbed “The European Aerial Zone,” and apparently it’s an excellent place to perform combat drills and meditate. Investigate the European Aerial Zone.

3. But Wait, There’s More!

As you finish your exploration of the Aerial Zone, Ghost receives a message from Eva herself. She’d like to speak to you at your earliest convenience. Visit Eva Levante in the Tower.

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Eva has suggested you take the Drained Armor she’s given you and meditate with it at the Statue of Heroes in the Tower courtyard.

5. Reforged in the Light

Meditating at the statue has infused your new armor with the Light… but its connection to the Traveler could be made stronger. Return to Eva.

Once you have the Drained Armor set, you will need to complete the objectives on each piece to upgrade them to Majestic. They differ slightly depending on class, but are very similar. 

Hunters will have to do the following:

Precision final blows: 50Playlist strikes: 5[Kill] on EAZ as [Solar] subclass: 50Super: 50Adventures: 5
EAZ run completed: 1Solstice Packages: 10Combatants defeated in the EAZ: 50Opposing Guardians defeated: 25Strikes: [Arc] orbs: 100
Fallen defeated: 10Crucible/Gambit: [Solar] orbs: 100[Void], [Solar], or [Arc] orbs: 400Public events: 5Crucible/Gambit matches: 5

Titans will have to complete:

Precision final blows: 50[Kill] on EAZ as [Arc] subclass: 50Opposing Guardians defeated: 25Solstice Packages: 10[Void], [Solar], or [Arc] orbs: 400
EAZ run completed: 1Super: 50Strikes: [Solar] orbs: 100Gambit/Crucible: [Void] orbs: 100Strikes: [Arc] orbs: 100
Hive defeated: 100Combatants: 50Adventures: 5Public events: 5Playlist strikes: 5

Finally, Warlocks have the following objectives:

Precision final blows: 50Playlist strikes: 5Solstice Packages: 10[Kill] on EAZ as [Void] subclass: 50Public events: 5
Cabal defeated: 100Opposing Guardians defeated: 25Gambit/Crucible: [Arc] orbs: 100Strikes: [Solar] orbs: 100Crucible/Gambit matches: 5
EAZ run completed: 1[Void], [Solar], or [Arc] orbs: 400Adventures: 5Combatants: 50Super: 50

Once you complete everything for your class, you’ll get the Majestic Set. Again, each piece will have its own set of objectives to complete, more difficult than the last.

Here are the Hunter objectives:

Elemental final blows: 2000Heroic Public Events: 10[Void]/[Solar]/[Arc] orbs: 1000Strike playlist [Kill]: 600EAZ: [Void], [Solar], or [Arc] orbs: 200
[Arc] weapon final blows: 300Playlist strikes: [Arc] orbs: 300Gambit matches: 10Guardians defeated with [Void] weapons: 100Patrols: EDZ: 5
Combatants: 200Cabal defeated: 300[Void] [Grenade] Final blows: 100Ability Kills: 100Bosses: 20


Gambit matches: 10Heroic Public Events: 10Strike playlist [Kill]: 600Elemental final blows: 2000EAZ Elemental Orbs: 200
Guardians defeated with [Arc] weapons: 100Ability: 100Fallen defeated: 300[Solar] [Melee] Final blows: 100[Solar] weapon final blows: 300
[Void]/[Solar]/[Arc] orbs:  1000Bosses: 20Combatants: 200Playlist strikes: [Void] orbs: 300Patrols: Io: 5

And Warlocks:

Bosses: 20Elemental final blows: 2000[Void] Void weapon: 300Playlist strikes: [Solar] orbs: 300[Arc] Super final blows: 150
Strike playlist [Kill]: 600Guardians defeated with [Solar] weapons: 100Ability: 100Hive defeated: 300Patrols: Titan: 5
EAZ Elemental Orbs: 200[Void]/[Solar]/[Arc] orbs: 1000Gambit matches: 10Heroic Public Events: 10Combatants: 200

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll go back to the Statue of Heroes to meditate again, upgrading your armor to the Magnificent set. You’ll have one final set of objectives to complete in order to Masterwork the armor; it’s the same for each class, but requires you to play some endgame content.

Helmet: Complete a Master level Nightfall: The Ordeal

Arms: Complete a Nightmare Hunt on the Moon

Chest: Complete Pit of Heresy Dungeon

Legs: Win 7 Trials of Osiris Matches

Class Item: Complete 3 Altar of Sorrow Bosses

Once you complete these tasks, you will have finished the Solstice of Heroes Armor Quest, and, if you feel so inclined, can start on another character. Bungie recently confirmed that once you’ve completed a set one one character, the next character will have a 2x multiplier on all objectives, rising to 3x for your final character when the second full set is finished. This should heavily decrease the time it takes to complete all three sets. One last thing; don’t forget to buy the Universal Armor Ornaments for the set if you want to use it with your other Legendary Armor.

Happy Solstice, Guardians!