taken king preparation

We’ve Come So Far

Published on: Sep 6, 2015 @ 11:12

Guardians, judgment has been cast down upon us, and its merciless verdict seeps with malice. We have done what was needed to save ourselves & the sacred Traveler; possibly the whole Solar System as we know it. Unfortunately, there is no time to settle when the looming storm approaches. Crota has been silenced, but his influence has riddled through the unseen like a virus. The Hive’s sickly plague has reached the precursor of pure twilight, the forefather of a fleet burrowed deep within the cracks of all that is and all that ever was.

The Darkest foe in our history has set his sights on our haven, feeding off the corruption that has swallowed the feeble. His grasp claws at the very fabric of our reality. Driven as he may be to avenge his son’s death, he is hasty in his preemptive actions. He is bonded to the notion that his reckoning will be absolute. But he is blind to the impervious light that we all posses, whether donated by the strength of others or found deep within our own souls. The Taken King has his eyes set on you and all of the living. Warn the others, strengthen their moral, honor your arcane abilities, and learn how history has its place in our current situation.

To understand the future, we must look to the past. Humanity has had its moments of great achievement, further propelled by the essence of the Traveler’s bliss, but time reminds us that the sweetest of fruits taste bitter with decay. That decay, Darkness, swept through with hate and disgust, as if mimicking the tides pulled by the touch of the Moon. Alas, our grand region was severed as the Traveler’s mortal adversary battled the City’s earliest defenders. As our ancestors died for the crippling deity, our enemies grew in size and prestige. Noteworthy victories insured that the mantle could be passed on to the next group of guardians, but the tragic sacrifice of the Traveler lives on as a reminder of what is at stake if we break.

In our current age, we are blessed with the skills and intellect to carry the torch and light the path to peace. Some would argue that the scholarly Warlocks are too invested in irrelevant logic. Others claim Hunters care little for the hardships humanity burdens and more on leading lives of ill motivated solitude. Titans are criticized for their reckless thirst for destruction and lack of rational. What’s worse, it is the speculation and gossip of our own fellow man that hinders cooperation among our forces. Despite our differences though, consider the achievements made by the very same warriors.

Consider what you have done as a champion of the light; we’ve been resurrected by the Traveler to stand against the tides of the Darkness. Through our contributions, the Fallen House of Devils have receded back into the hole they crawled out from. Strikes and coordinated battles have lead to the weakening of the Hellmouth on dear Luna. The Vex technology recovered from expeditions on Venus has taken guardians to the mystic lands of the Reef. Cabal forces have been shaken down on Mars, unveiling an unnerving secret fantasized by voices tucked away. We have freed the Traveler from a blight hidden in the Black Garden.

Remember to look toward the City and her inhabitants, know that their hope carries on through our hearts. We are fighting the future of the children, who might someday grow up on stories and legends of how we made their nightmares end.

Oryx’s forces are mobilizing. The threat extends to all, so we must come together to defeat this menace; raise your valiant light to those who would smother it!