Secret Locations Revealed

If you’re looking for the 5 golden chests on Earth in the Cosmodrome, you’re covered. Chests were found in both story missions and on patrol.

You’ve also probably found a few ghosts here and there in your Destiny travels. This video will cover how to find 19 ghosts in both the Tower and on Earth, specifically in the Cosmodrome.

[toggle title=”Ghost Fragments” state=”close” ]Tower 1: The City Age

Tower 2: The Last Word

Tower 3: Warlock

Cosmodrome 1: Darkness

Cosmodrome 2: Mysteries

Cosmodrome 3: Earth

Cosmodrome 4: Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome 5: Exo Stranger

Cosmodrome 6: Hunter

Cosmodrome 7: The Last Word 2

Cosmodrome 8: Fallen 2

Cosmodrome 9: Fallen

Cosmodrome 10: The Dark Age

Cosmodrome 11: Darkness 3

Cosmodrome 12: The Traveler 3

Cosmodrome 13: Abilities

Cosmodrome 14: Legends 2

Cosmodrome 15: Human

Cosmodrome 16: Jupiter[/toggle]