Secret Bonuses in Emblems? (Update)

Published on: Sep 27, 2014 @ 20:10

Could these cool looking Emblems from the Speaker offer hidden bonuses? He sells each of these “Blessing” Emblems for 7 Motes of Light, and until recently, it was assumed that they were similar to any other Emblem (cosmetic).

According to this post on the Bungie forums, the Emblems he sells actually have hidden bonuses. Remember: This has not been proven and they might not have any bonuses at all.

Update: We have off-the-record confirmation from Bungie, that emblems do not have any hidden buffs or bonuses of any kind.



Again, all of these may be totally inaccurate, as this is basically speculation with a bit of testing from the community – definitely do some testing yourself too. However, it would make sense that these Emblems provide some type of buff, hence the Blessing name and the high cost for them. 


Vex Mythoclast

In other news, one of the first Vex Mythoclast gameplay videos have been released! This Exotic Fusion Rifle is actually a primary weapon, acquired in the Vault of Glass on hard mode.

Vex Mythoclast Crucible Gameplay

This is likely the rarest weapon in the game right now.

Ascendant materials

Speaking of Exotics, be sure to do the level 24+ daily Heroic missions so you can get Ascendant materials, which you’ll need for upgrading Legendary and Exotic items. You can only get these materials from the mission once per day per character, and only if you do it on the higher difficulties.


Destiny Soundtrack

Finally, if you’d like to listen to Destiny’s full soundtrack before you buy it, here’s a playlist with all 44 songs:

Full Destiny Soundtrack Playlist