Season of Lost – Introduction & Quest Guide

New seasons in Destiny 2 can be overwhelming for some, with expansions potentially adding to the confusion, and making it difficult to know where to actually start. We’re here to help guide you through the Season of the Lost, starting with the introductory quest below!

As soon as you log in, you’re treated to a cutscene setting the stage for the season ahead; I won’t spoil what’s actually in it for you. Once that is finished, you will automatically be taken into the opening mission in the Dreaming City, where you do the usual running and gunning in search of the fugitive Osiris. You eventually find him, along with the re-returning Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken. Here, we have our suspicions confirmed that Osiris was hijacked by Savathûn when Sagira, his Ghost, was destroyed at the start of Season of the Hunt. It turns out that Queen Mara and big ol’ Savathûn have struck a deal to help each other. We need to help Savathûn by defeating Xithu Arath and saving Mara’s Techeuns (again). In return, she will give us back Osiris. While reluctant, Ikora and the Vanguard allow us to proceed, knowing it’s the only way to get Osiris back. At this point, we pick up our Artifact for the season, then head into the seasonal activities and pick up several quests from the Seasonal Vendor screen.

Wayfinders Voyage

The Wayfinders Voyage quest looks to be the season-long quest line that will take us through the narrative. The steps you need to follow are below:

Step 1: Speak to Petra Venj in the H.E.L.M

Petra is available to speak to via a Terminal in the Awoken section of the H.E.L.M. Listen to what she has to say to complete the first step.

Step 2: Complete Offensive: Astral Alignment

Launch the new 6-Player matchmade activity on the Dreaming City Offensive: Astral Alignment and complete the activity to progress. You’ll also be given a new seasonal weapon for your troubles. The mechanics appear to change on each run, so look out for new ways to get through it each time!

Step 3: Collect Parallax Trajectory

Parallax Trajectory is the new seasonal currency. It can be earned by completing Ritual activities (Strikes/Crucible/Gambit/Public Events), as well as by defeating enemies.

The step also says to visit the EDZ: Trostland.

Step 4: Rescue the Techeun Ley Line in the Shattered Realm

Launch the new seasonal activity Shattered Realm and rescue Ley Line. The activity itself isn’t particularly tough, but there are some puzzles to figure out. Once you do, it becomes pretty simple. That said, the activity is a lot of fun, so go in blind for the best experience.

Step 5: Upgrade Wayfinder’s Compass

Now that you’ve rescued Ley Line, she can help you start upgrading your Wayfinder’s Compass with unlocks that will make your Shattered Realm runs easier and help you unlock hidden secrets.

This is as far as we can go in the quest at the moment, but we’ll have even more to do after next week’s reset. Season of the Lost is here, and it has brought a ton of new, cool content (Shattered Realm is especially cool), as well as plenty of secrets yet to be discovered.

What has been your favorite part of the new season so far? Let us know in the comments, and we hope this introductory guide has helped you out!