Season of Opulence

The last few weeks have been jam packed with information from Bungie on the upcoming Season of Opulence. Getting ready for a new content drop has always been a thrilling time for players of Destiny, though it is often difficult to keep track of all the information being dropped in such a short span. Below is a preview of things to come starting on Tuesday.

Crown of Sorrows is the newest raid and arrives on June 4th alongside the new season, though it will not be available until 4pm PST on launch day. Several changes were made including making the first 24 hours a contest to level the playing field for those striving for the world’s first completion. For the first encounter, power above 700 will not matter and for the final one power above 720 will not. Bungie also announced Gambit bounties carried over from Season of the Drifter will result in rewards remaining at 700 power at maximum.  And finally any player joining the first encounter after the team has begun the raid will spawn in dead outside the encounter space.

Another new activity is the 6 player match-made event on the Leviathan called The Menagerie. The latest This Week at Bungie described how the chase for loot will work and it appears to be a relatively straightforward path towards the weapon you want. After completing an initial quest for the Season, you will earn a Chalice that is available for all of your guardians. Complete various activities to earn runes and put them into the Chalice. Choosing the right combination will let you get the gun and masterwork perk you want to earn when completing a round of Menagerie if you’ve upgraded the Chalice with a new currency called Imperials.

On June 11th and 18th additional bosses will be unlocked for Menagerie before its heroic mode arrives on June 25th. The heroic version will be the only one without matchmaking so pre-made fireteams will need to be formed for it. The loot pool looks quite interesting, with weapons from Destiny 1 and early Destiny 2  apparently returning with a new themed look that fits the season. Both the Mida Mini-Tool and Drang seem certain for a comeback while speculation around other potential favorites has been growing.

Two new exotic weapon quests appeared on the roadmap as well. First is a returning Destiny 1 favorite. the aggressively-tracking rocket launcher Truth. That lands on June 11th while the Lumina hand cannon quest will begin on July 2nd. Little has been confirmed about Lumina as of yet, but there is speculation this could be linked to the fabled Rose in some way. It bears a resemblance to Malfeasance with the addition of thorns in the barrel, though it also appears to be a weapon of light and not the dark.

Later in the season Tribute Hall arrives, though little is known about it at the moment. Also launching on July 9th is Moments of Triumph which is an end-of-year Destiny tradition now. Rewards will be granted for completing activities from the year past and includes everything from raids to Crucible. And the season will wrap up with Solstice of Heroes arriving on July 30th. This event often coincides with Moments of Triumph while awarding unique armor to prepare for the following year, as well as an abundance of cosmetic effects. Bungie has yet to detail the changes or rewards to this year’s iteration of either yet so guardians will have to wait and see what is fully in store.

There are three new pinnacle weapons also arriving with Season of Opulence. The Vanguard reward is the Wendigo-GL3, an arc heavy grenade launcher that increases blast radius and damage after picking up an orb of light. This explosive light perk can be applied to up to 6 upgraded grenades at a time. The Hush solar bow will be obtainable from Gambit. Its Archer’s Gambit perk is that hipfire precision shots grant a huge draw speed buff for a limited time. And finally for Crucible there is the kinetic sniper rifle Revoker. Its Reversal of Fortune perk means that a bullet is returned to the magazine after a missed shot. With the addition of snapshots sights and the ambush scope, this appears to be made for those interesting it hitting quick and risky shots. The path to this weapon is different in that instead of needing to hit fabled to obtain it, guardians will need to reach 3500 Glory points with losses not setting progress back.

Though not new content, seasonal buffs and nerfs will also change the sandbox going forward as well. Changes to exotic armor that returns super energy and a modified white nail perk on the Whisper of the Worm have been big talking points within the community since announced. Some weapons that would be improving are the Sturm and Drang combination, swords, and fusion rifles for PVE content. Other quality of life chances have been announced as well. The Eververse store has been changed once more and the way to earn that loot modified slight. It has also been announced that catalysts for Sunshot, Sweet Business and Graviton Lance will be back in play but details on how to obtain them remain missing.

Season of Opulence looks certain to be an exciting time for fans of Destiny 2. Further secrets have been teased on top of what has been laid out in the roadmap. And with Bungie announcing a reveal about the next chapter of Destiny 2 on Thursday, June 6 we know the information is sure to keep pouring in over the coming months.